Don't call me a 'consumer' or an 'end-user'

March 23, 2012
Language matters, and people who use these terms likely view you as a sheep or supplicant
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IT's Apple problem is not Apple's problem

March 16, 2012
Even today, IT managers complain that Apple won't give it a three-year plan. No wonder Apple ignores IT
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The Windows 8 tragedy: How Microsoft can avoid disaster

March 09, 2012
Microsoft's Windows 8 adaptation to 'consumerization' world assures it will stay in the past -- unless it makes these changes
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4 ways consumerization threatens Dell and HP

March 02, 2012
You'd think the employee-driven tech trend would be good for the PC makers. But it ain't necessarily so
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The post-PC future: Where Microsoft and Apple are driving us

February 24, 2012
With Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion in wide beta, it's time to compare their consumerization strategies, and their effects
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IT, keep your hands off my cloud storage

February 17, 2012
Too many IT organizations try to block information workers from information -- imperiling their businesses in the process
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Relax, IT: Endpoint diversity is nothing to fear

February 10, 2012
More devices, tools, and platforms mean complexity and work for IT. But they can bring advantages -- and less IT work -- too
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Virtualization no silver bullet for Macs or mobile

February 03, 2012
As employees bring non-Windows devices into the business, vendors tell IT to impose Windows via virtualization -- and miss the point
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Gamification: The buzzword that can ruin your apps and business

January 27, 2012
This new piece of tech jargon is mainly about short-term marketing, though some aspects are worth understanding
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Guess what? IT isn't afraid of consumerization after all

January 25, 2012
Two surveys of IT and business execs shows that most are embracing the consumerization trend, not resisting it
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