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Review: Dell XPS 15 Touch is the best Windows laptop ever

Dell's big, fast, 15-inch flagship laptop and its amazing touchscreen give the MacBook Pro Retina a run for its money

Review: Dell XPS 15 Touch is the best Windows laptop ever

Gartner, IDC, PC sales projections, and other fantasies

Gartner says 2Q 2014 PC sales are even with last year, IDC says they're down, and both paint a bleak picture of the road ahead

IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment

The company is also looking ahead at a world in which computer chips don't have silicon

Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi problems persist despite a new update

Early reports on yesterday's Surface Pro 3 firmware updates aren't good -- but Microsoft promises yet another one on July 16

Microsoft's Windows to aid PC market revival in 2015

Gartner projects Windows XP upgrades will stop the PC market bleeding next year

China has the fastest supercomputer, but the U.S. still rules

Despite increasing global competition in supercomputing, 90 percent of the Top 500 systems are made by U.S. vendors

Google's 2GB RAM upgrade for new Glass explorers angers early adopters

Google will not upgrade devices for early adapters, who shelled out $1,500, but it might be seeing a lot of 'defective' models this month, a commenter said

Dell aims Cloudera-powered appliance at enterprise Hadoop users

New Cloudera Hadoop appliance uses in-memory processing and newest-generation data analysis tools

MIT experimental 36-core chip spurs speed experiments

The chip reduces the number of cycles it takes to execute a task, boosting overall performance

Intel's most powerful chip ever packs emerging technologies

Intel's Knights Landing, which has new memory and interconnect technology, will be in supercomputers by the middle of 2015

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The InfoWorld Hardware Hall of Fame

From mainframes and minis to PCs and PDAs, our picks for the greatest, most enduring computer hardware of all time more

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Printer Installer: Eliminating Print...

Printer Installer is an on-premise web application that enables you to centrally manage and deploy Windows shared or... more

Computer Hardware Test Center: review

Intel's Nehalem simply sizzles

In a range of tests, the new quad-core Xeon processor shows huuuuge performance gains more

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