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Google's DIY Project Ara won't fly in the real world

Maker types will love the idea of a smartphone with replaceable Lego-like pieces. Everyone else will buy a real smartphone

Intel sells more tablet chips but profits still fall

Intel shipped 5 million chips for tablets in Q1, but revenue dropped 61% as it has been paying tablet makers in a bid to compete better with ARM

USB Type-C: Simpler, faster and more powerful

The next generation of USB cables will be easier to use and able to push more data faster

Microsoft concedes Chromebooks are work-worthy

Offers Office Online apps via Chrome Web Store to Chrome and Chrome OS

Server makers rushing out Heartbleed patches

Dell, HP, and IBM issue firmware and software updates for servers affected by the Heartbleed bug

Thank XP: Desktop PC sales take off again in Western Europe

Enterprises are buying desktops again to get away from Windows XP, according to Gartner

One user's path to a Chromebook enterprise

Auberge Resorts exec explains the logic, tools, and issues involved in a shift to Chrome OS and Google Apps for Business

Hynix reveals world's first 128GB DDR4 memory module

The new memory module can process up to 17GB of data per second

Intel's Thunderbolt 2 now allows peer-to-peer Mac connections

The feature is available through OS X Mavericks and goes beyond Target Disk Mode; support for Windows coming

Raspberry Pi plans new modular computer for maker audience

The new Pi board with circuitry from the famous $25 PC will ship later this year and likely be priced at $30 in lots of 100 units

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The InfoWorld Hardware Hall of Fame

From mainframes and minis to PCs and PDAs, our picks for the greatest, most enduring computer hardware of all time more

Computer Hardware White Paper

Hardware Test Equipment is the Key to...

Surprisingly, many organizations are not adequately testing their networks. Network testing is crucial for any IT... more

Computer Hardware Test Center: review

Intel's Nehalem simply sizzles

In a range of tests, the new quad-core Xeon processor shows huuuuge performance gains more

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