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IDC Whitepaper: Optimal Path to the Cloud

Find out what IDC says about Selecting the Optimal Path to Private Cloud in this analyst white paper. Learn the challenges and benefits of various cloud paths

ESG Whitepaper: Integrated Computing Platforms: Infrastructure Builds Tomorrow's Data Center

Thought Leadership Report: 'Integrated Computing Platforms: Infrastructure Builds for Tomorrow's Data Center.' Highlights the challenges customers face when planning to deploy a Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Encryption Cheat Sheet

This 2-page cheat sheet provides an overview of the functionality and strength of cloud encryption schemes including searchable encryption, format preserving encryption, and homomorphic encryption, so you can choose the right one for your use case.

Cloud Managed Security: An Evolution in Enterprise Cloud Security

Private cloud techniques extend the protection of corporate governance and policies to the elasticity of a cloud platform- but that doesn't automatically make it secure.

PCI DSS Compliance in Cloud Environments

This technology analysis addresses the challenges of the evolving cloud security landscape and how organizations can achieve PCI DSS compliance in cloud environments while satisfying PCI DSS requirement 6.6 for an Application Firewall.

Evaluating File Sync and Share Solutions: 12 Questions to Ask about Security

File sync and share can increase productivity, but how do you pick a solution that works for you? Download to learn some important questions to ask file sync and share vendors about security.

What is this "File Sync" Thing and Why Should I Care About It?

All of a sudden, getting a file from your work laptop to your iPad became as simple as clicking "Save." So it's no surprise that 55% of information workers in North America and Europe who use a tablet at work are using file sync and share tools.

The Truth About Cloud Security

"Security" is the number one issue holding business leaders back from the cloud. But does the reality match the perception?

Understanding DMARC for Securing Email Channels

Learn more about how DMARC is combined with existing authentication technologies to create secure email channels, and provide receivers with clear directives on how to safely dispose of unauthorized email - all at Internet scale.

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies

The Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies Book introduces you to common network performance management (NPM) issues and give you a new way of looking at solving them.

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