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Cloud Build vs. Buy- 4 Key Considerations

Adopting cloud technology requires weighing its benefits against the technical complexities and adoption hurdles that come along with it..

The Cost of Doing it Wrong: 6 Key Cost Considerations When Evaluating a Cloud Service

The widespread adoption of Cloud Computing has allowed organizations to realize cost efficiencies and gain a level of flexibility that is needed in today's fast-changing business world. However, not all clouds and cloud providers are created equal.

Adapting Security to the Cloud

Organizations are considering cloud computing more than ever before. However, how can the adoption of cloud technology potentially change an organization's security requirements and how can organizations adapt to address these new challenges?

Uptime in the Cloud: It's all About the Asterisk

How can your organization avoid downtime in the cloud? Unfortunately, cloud providers often offer availability guarantees to ensure uptime but these promises may not be as comprehensive as you think.

Clouds on the Horizon - The Ultimate Migration Checklist

Ask yourselves the right questions to determine whether your enterprise is ready to fully migrate to the cloud. This checklist brings awareness to the top reasons to consider migration as well as the three main areas to consider before doing so.

Building a Better Cloud - What to Look for in a Cloud Service Provider

Cloud computing offers a multitude of advantages that are leading organizations to seek ways to fully integrate their existing infrastructures with the cloud.

Why Compliance Matters in the Cloud

Compliance is a challenge for most organizations today but it has increased in difficulty with the widespread adoption of cloud.

Applications in the Cloud

Improved flexibility, scalability, and lower operating costs are just a few of the benefits associated with transitioning applications to the cloud.

When Cloud Makes Sense

Cloud computing is essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today's business climates. It is no longer just a trend and research confirms that the cloud is here to stay.

Mobile Back End as a Service

InfoWorld's Martin Heller covers all the issues to help you select the right service, including user analytics, dev and test tools, access controls, and more.

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