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How to Finance your Cloud Computing Solution

Read this solution brief to see how IBM Global Financing can offer options from simple loans to custom leases, providing affordable monthly rates, customized payment structures, and payment deferrals.

Unleashing Enterprise Storage

This Taneja Group whitepaper looks at the potential promises of storage in the cloud that are most attractive to the enterprise. It examines how enterprises are storing data today, and identifies five fundamental characteristics that an enterprise should look for in a cloud storage offering.

Why Centralized Cloud Identity Management is Crucial for the Enterprise

Now that employees are leaving the relative safety of the firewall to use online SaaS applications, enterprises need to adjust the way they manage employee identities. This White Paper from Ping Identity addresses why we need to centralize employees' IDs across applications.

Storage Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Computing

Learn about the requirements and best practices for secure multi-tenancy in cloud computing environments.

Optimizing Performance in Virtual Infrastructures

Many IT administrators have already learned the hard way that managing the performance and availability of services built on virtualization technologies can be difficult, if not impossible at times. All too often, early adopters of virtualization have struggled with limited technology features and stability constraints, while learning new ways to effectively manage capacity requirements. Fortunately, some platforms now offer clustering solutions that are mature enough to automate the balancing of workloads across physical resources. When combined with disciplined capacity planning and sound deployment configurations, it is possible to achieve fast, scalable, and highly available IT services using virtualization platforms.

Reference Architecture: How to Build a Hybrid Multi-Cloud

This white paper describes how to set up not just a simple private cloud, but a 'cloud of clouds' or 'multi-cloud', which is a computing environment that itself consists of separate virtual data centers or individual computing clouds (which could be internal or external/public) - all of which need to be managed as part of a larger environment.

Private Cloud ROI Study: Corus AEG

This ROI case study quantifies the benefits of a private cloud based on Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors and Univa cloud software. Results include: 32% improvement in application performance; 57% hardware reduction; 10x bandwidth improvement; 65% power savings; 30% app license savings; and much more.

Virtualization Benchmark Study

This study analyzes results from running 5 user applications and 9 lab benchmarks in a Univa-Intel private cloud environment. The startling results show minimal application slowdown with several CPU and memory intensive applications actually running faster in a VM environment.

Virtualization keys 'radical' infrastructure streamlining

The $3 billion Independent Bank of Michigan unleashed a potent combination of server, desktop and application virtualization. The result is a radically streamlined IT infrastructure that is not only less expensive to run, but also is more flexible and agile, allowing the bank to keep up with the ever-shifting dynamics of business today.

Innovation Through End-to-End Unified Networking Solutions

Discover how HP helps midsize businesses easily handle growth, decrease operational costs, protect data and deliver ROI with a converged infrastructure and advanced applications.

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