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Cloud Computing Drives IT and Business Agility Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Time to Value

What is the main focus for IT in your organization - cost or agility? Many IT discussions today focus on cost controls rather than the greater potential benefit - business agility

Infographic:10 Reasons to Choose vCloud Air

Looking to create an agile, productive, and efficient IT environment? Read this simple infographic to learn about the benefits that VMware vCloud® Air™ can bring to your business.

5 Hybrid Cloud Starting Points

Did you know that more than 50% of organizations are already using or planning a move to hybrid cloud?

Top 5 Reasons for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

There is no question that every business wants to protect their operations from downtime and loss of data. But many companies don't have the internal expertise or budget to implement the disaster recovery plan they need.

Moving to Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations

Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind as you begin evaluating hybrid cloud for your workloads.

Oracle Software Licensing: The Value of Resellers

NEW white paper explores real-world insights and:
* The Rise of Audits
* Compliance Spend
* SAM and Compliance
* Complexity/Confusion
* Working Directly with a VAR

The Cloud BI that IT and Developers Demand

Jaspersoft for AWS allows developers and IT professionals to easily and affordably build business intelligence solutions as well as embed visualizations and analytics inside applications. Pricing starts at <$1/hr in a pay-as-you-go model.

AWS and Jaspersoft Disrupt BI

TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS and Amazon Redshift disrupt business intelligence with cost-effective analytics in the cloud. Available by the hour in a pay-as-you-go model, stop anytime.

The business impact of BYOA: Five major challenges and how your enterprise can solve them

This E-Book reviews five major challenges of BYOA with key subject matter experts and outlines how businesses can solve them.

The BYOA Opportunity

Visual demonstration of problems that unmonitored, employee-introduced cloud apps can cause a business, and why IT managers need a solution to help and manage them.

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