SOA Federation Across the Extended Enterprise and Cloud

Identity  and identity-based controls are critical for managing access and privileges to shared services in an enterprise SOA. However the problem of enforcing access to services gets more complicated when services reside in disparate identity domains. Private and public clouds introduce further challenges owing to their multi-tenancy and shared infrastructure. How do you deal with different identity definitions? How do you leverage existing access and single sign-on infrastructure? How do you support different credentialing schemes? How do you consistently define and enforce access policies across heterogeneous environments and the Cloud? How do you make it easy for trusted service consumers to access the service functionality and data they need?

In this Webcast from InfoWorld, Layer 7 and Forrester you will learn
• about the role of identity in defining access rights for services in the enterprise and cloud
• about the identity federation challenges introduced by sharing information across the extended enterprise and Cloud
• best practices for leveraging existing identity products like SSO, Directory and STS
• how to consistently enforce identity policies across diverse environments and Cloud
• how to make use of standards like SAML in mixed SOAP and REST environments
• how to enable trusted clients to access your protected services


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