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Experts explain how to avoid big mistakes with Oracle's Exadata

Presenters at the recent Collaborate user conference gave their tips

How Cloudera plans to stand out from the Hadoop herd

With so many folks expressing an interest in Hadoop, Cloudera sets itself apart via its business sense and open source savvy

How to avoid a fiasco in your cloud

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach

OpenStack's latest release keeps the DIY private cloud features coming

'Icehouse,' the newest edition of the open source IaaS, adds more features, but uptake with enterprises and competition with public cloud vendors remain thorny

Red Hat sets Docker as nucleus of 'Project Atomic'

Slimmer future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- aka Project Atomic -- will rely heavily on Docker app virtualization

Microsoft: Let us be your one stop for big data analytics

Microsoft wants to capture, store, analyze, and transform all your harvested data through new SQL Server, Azure offerings

Ubuntu chases after Red Hat with OpenStack and Docker bundles

Canonical is positioning the newest version of Ubuntu server as a cloud building block -- and goes head to head with Red Hat

VMware preps public cloud-powered disaster recovery as a service

vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery, for businesses that can't afford a second data center, hints at uses for VMware's new public cloud

Google steps up competition with Amazon, expands Cloud Platform to Asia

The company is increasing its Asian presence again after recently opening two new data centers

Microsoft kicks off sales of lower-priced Office subscription in bid for iPad dollars

The $70 Office 365 Personal subscription covers one PC or one Mac, plus one tablet

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What cloud computing really means

The next big trend sounds nebulous, but it's not so fuzzy when you view the value proposition from the perspective of IT... more

Cloud Computing White Paper

IT Best Practices: To Support or Not...

Better understand the challenges, resolutions and best practices for managing a multi-Smartphone environment more

InfoClipz: Cloud computing
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InfoClipz: Cloud computing

How to avoid a fiasco in your cloud
How to avoid a fiasco in your cloud

Blog by David Linthicum

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach
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