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Microsoft OneDrive for Business changes files

Users are claiming that OneDrive for Business alters files behind the scenes. It's true -- and it's an old problem tracing back to SharePoint

It's the little things that matter in Amazon Redshift upgrade

AWS improves its data warehouse service for the third time this year, increasing the number of simultaneous queries Redshift can handle

Aereo argues that ruling against it could hurt cloud storage business

Supreme Court justices had questions in the copyright case about how they could rule against Aereo and not affect cloud services

Salesforce at 15: Industry disruptor wards off midlife crisis

A look at the cloud software industry pioneer as it heads toward $5 billion in annual sales

Report: New Start menu and free cloud-based Windows to debut this fall

Notorious Windows leaker Wzor claims a free Windows-as-a-service called Windows Cloud is in the works

Docker will make cloud apps portable -- next year

The lightweight container for Linux apps will make it easier to move workloads among clouds, once the technology matures

Experts explain how to avoid big mistakes with Oracle's Exadata

Presenters at the recent Collaborate user conference gave their tips

How Cloudera plans to stand out from the Hadoop herd

With so many folks expressing an interest in Hadoop, Cloudera sets itself apart via its business sense and open source savvy

How to avoid a fiasco in your cloud

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach

OpenStack's latest release keeps the DIY private cloud features coming

'Icehouse,' the newest edition of the open source IaaS, adds more features, but uptake with enterprises and competition with public cloud vendors remain thorny

Microsoft Windows Test Center: analysis

Windows 7 RTM: The revenge of Windows...

Windows Vista lacked the right stuff to unseat Windows XP. Does Windows 7 really have what it takes? more

Microsoft Windows Page

InfoWorld Windows 7 Deep Dive Report

InfoWorld's experts evaluate the newest edition of Windows in the context of what matters to IT and business professionals more

Microsoft Windows Features

Monitor your PCs with Windows Sentinel

InfoWorld's free tool lets you monitor your own PC, test PCs, users' PCs, and Windows servers with easy dashboard... more

Docker will make cloud apps portable -- next year
Docker will make cloud apps portable -- next year

Blog by David Linthicum

The lightweight container for Linux apps will make it easier to move workloads among clouds, once the technology matures
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