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Microsoft brings two open source tools to Azure

Packer and OpenNebula are the latest open source technologies to find a home on the Microsoft Azure cloud service

Don't believe false alarms about Docker containers

Despite what some people say, Docker containers have plenty of resiliency options when needed

Quick guide: 25 tips and tricks for Google Drive power users

Google Drive is an important tool that can deliver even more value with these 25 tips, tools, and tweaks

Sorry, cloud resisters: Control does not equal security

Many of those who push back on cloud computing citing security fears are doing their employers a disservice

Microsoft CEO lays out vision of cloud convergence

At the Worldwide Partner Conference, Satya Nadella pitches a vision that repositions Microsoft around the cloud and mobile computing

Update: SAP sees cloud revenue soar, software sales drop in Q2

Company's overall revenue was up 2 percent in Q2 and reflected a continuing shift from on-premises software and services to a subscription model

NetApp Private Storage adds an Azure cloud option

Customers' own storage at collocation facilities can now link to Microsoft's cloud as well as to Amazon Web Services

Review: Cloud Foundry brings power and polish to PaaS

Cloud Foundry impresses with broad application support, streamlined deployment, and enterprise extras from Pivotal, though initial setup could be simpler

Microsoft's latest Azure moves shows it's all-in with the cloud

IT is moving away from its on-premises comfort zone, and Microsoft is pushing IT along

Docker welcomes Google 'validation,' but sees more work ahead

Docker recruits more big names following Google's seal of approval, but keeps an eye on next steps

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What cloud computing really means

The cloud computing trend sounds nebulous, but it's not so fuzzy when you view the value proposition from the perspective of... more

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IT Best Practices: To Support or Not...

Better understand the challenges, resolutions and best practices for managing a multi-Smartphone environment more

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InfoClipz: Cloud computing

Don't believe false alarms about Docker containers
Don't believe false alarms about Docker containers

Blog by David Linthicum

Despite what some people say, Docker containers have plenty of resiliency options when needed
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