Why Johnny doesn't understand cloud computing

September 07, 2012
Recent survey shows that most Americans don't understand cloud computing -- and it's our fault
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Cloud computing's me-too problem: Little boxes all the same

September 04, 2012
Cloud technologies are mainly repackaged versions of each other. Who will seize the opportunity to create something new?
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The 'open cloud' is getting awfully confusing

August 31, 2012
OpenStack, CloudStack, variations, and vendor spin are starting to confuse would-be adopters of the open source cloud
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Calculate 'return on agility' to find the cloud's real value

August 28, 2012
Amazon's Werner Vogel notes that customers struggle with value of the cloud beyond TCO; here's how to figure it out
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Deploying to a public cloud? Deal with data integration first

August 24, 2012
Data integration is usually an afterthought for companies moving to the cloud -- when it should be top of mind
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Selecting a private cloud is harder than you think

August 21, 2012
Most providers that started with public clouds now do private clouds, and private clouds in turn become even more confusing
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'Shadow IT' can be the cloud's best friend

August 17, 2012
Though corporate IT fights against unauthorized use of cloud-based resources, this user-pull approach is actually helpful
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Wake up, IT: Even CFOs see value in the cloud

August 14, 2012
Finance execs see more than cost savings as benefits of the cloud; increased productivity and security are also expected
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Mind the gaps: 3 missing pieces in cloud computing

August 10, 2012
Though cloud computing enjoys widespread enterprise adoption, these shortcomings can hinder its ongoing development
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Wozniak is wrong about cloud computing

August 07, 2012
But by raising red flag, Apple co-founder highlights important detail for anyone considering the cloud: Read the privacy policy
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