Killing the cloud with complexity

May 30, 2012
A simple maxim will keep your cloud deployments effective and manageable: When in doubt, leave it out
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Don't make cloud management an afterthought

May 25, 2012
Enterprises that use cloud computing resources must often retrofit management after the fact. Don't be those guys
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3 easy steps to creating your cloud strategy

May 22, 2012
If you have no cloud computing plan, you've essentially decided to fail. Here's how to succeed
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Big data in the cloud: It's time to experiment

May 18, 2012
Big data is not data warehousing or BI, so there are no proven paths --which is why you need data scientists
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3 winners, 3 losers in the move to big data

May 15, 2012
CIOs will do well, traditional vendors will fare poorly, and users will find a mixed bag
Big Data
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This just in: Cloud computing is hard and takes a long time

May 10, 2012
A recent survey from Cisco finally tells us what we suspected all along
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Going native: The move to bare-metal cloud services

May 08, 2012
Removing the virtualization layer provides access to the power and performance that many cloud computing consumers seek
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The battle to stop Amazon Web Services starts here

May 04, 2012
Piston Computing's integration with VMware's Cloud Foundry surprised many, but you should expect more anti-AWS efforts
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To win with cloud computing, change IT first

May 01, 2012
For a successful cloud implementation, IT must prepare ahead of time and not merely adjust after the fact
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2 more cloud myths busted: Lock-in and locked up

April 27, 2012
When it comes to technology dependency and risk of legal compliance, the cloud is just like everything else
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