How to get your first cloud computing job

October 12, 2012
With the explosion of cloud computing jobs, now is the time to map your path to more money and more cloud
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Services hold key to cloud computing success

October 09, 2012
Many enterprises cite the number of applications and databases that exist in the cloud, but that's only half of the story
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Why Oracle's cloud service will fail (and why it doesn't have to)

October 05, 2012
Another big company trumpets a me-too 'AWS killer,' when the only way to beat Amazon is through innovation
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Buyers say the cloud is already tired out

October 02, 2012
A recent survey shows that lack of innovation and maturity cause many businesses to avoid the cloud -- for now
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3 ways to improve cloud performance

September 28, 2012
Performance is a larger issue than many expected with cloud computing, but you can solve that problem if you think ahead
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Why OpenStack owes its success to Amazon

September 25, 2012
With $10 million in funding and 5,600 members, OpenStack is now the counterweight to the gargantuan Amazon Web Services
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PaaS promises devops in the cloud

September 21, 2012
PaaS and IaaS are getting mixed up in a way that may confuse you at first, but that is ultimately good for you
PaaS, devops
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The tipping point for cloud management is nigh

September 18, 2012
As organizations move from dozens to hundreds of services, the ad hoc management approach simply won't work any more
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Don't tax the cloud!

September 14, 2012
Whether or not taxes are coming to a cloud near you, the uncertainty could slow cloud adoption and blur business cases
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Cloud API and service designers, stop thinking small

September 11, 2012
To deliver rich business value, we must devote more discipline and attention to how we interface with core cloud services
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