Wozniak is wrong about cloud computing

August 07, 2012
But by raising red flag, Apple co-founder highlights important detail for anyone considering the cloud: Read the privacy policy
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Get ready for the personal cloud

August 03, 2012
Believe it -- personal clouds exist, offering much-needed options for users who sync data between more than one device
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3 first steps in building your own cloud services

August 02, 2012
Businesses that want to double as cloud computing providers must take three fundamental measures
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The data center you dream of is in the cloud

July 27, 2012
New high-performance public cloud offerings deliver what IT can't afford to implement in-house
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3 new roadblocks to cloud computing

July 24, 2012
IT is placing different barriers to cloud adoption than it did four years ago, as old objections are overcome
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Shocker: Government agency drafts sensible cloud computing strategy

July 20, 2012
But Department of Defense's cloud plan could be at risk if it continues to rely on the same old IT contractors
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Think through your cloud plans -- or else

July 17, 2012
Enterprise IT has a disturbing tendency to get excited about technology rather than architecture and planning
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3 more evils that threaten cloud computing

July 13, 2012
Two sins are self-inflicted by the cloud providers, while the third is an evil spawned by regulators
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3 ways to prep for a move to the cloud

July 10, 2012
Don't skimp on the steps necessary to ready your business for cloud computing
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Cloud computing moves from fad to foundation

July 09, 2012
As hype dies down, companies are seeing real success in their cloud deployments, and money is pouring in
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