OpenStack's Grizzly rev: What's new, what it means

April 09, 2013
The cloud infrastructure standard has grown remarkably fast, but we're just at the beginning of the journey
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For cloud deployments, it's time to just do it -- ready or not

April 05, 2013
The pressure is on to deliver tangible benefits from cloud developments, though it's often unclear how to do so
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OpenStack or VMware? PayPal drama obscures real issue

April 02, 2013
Vendor bickering makes for a fun read, but it misses what matters to IT managers: How to make cloud computing work
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What it means to be a cloud pioneer

March 29, 2013
A list of those who started the cloud movement reminds us that dogged believers paved the way for the cloud we know today
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Amazon ditches public cloud dogma to build CIA's private cloud

March 26, 2013
$600 million contract has Amazon building a special cloud behind government firewall -- and raises tricky issues for AWS
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Should you bother entering Netflix's fix-the-cloud contest?

March 22, 2013
Though the economics are stacked against developers, a successful contest could ultimately help everyone
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OpenStack: Vive la revolution!

March 19, 2013
OpenStack has changed the cloud computing landscape and become the standard base for nearly every provider
OpenStack, IBM, Oracle
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The ticking time bomb known as cloud forensics

March 15, 2013
We must address the issue of when and how your cloud data can be seized by police and government agents
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Solved! How to make Google's cloud 20 percent more efficient

March 12, 2013
NUMA score could be used for better speed, lower costs, and a programmatic method for cloud providers to optimize services
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Your company's cloud strategy must come from the top

March 08, 2013
In 'shadow IT' era, developers and users have led cloud adoption, but the best approach is to start at the top
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