When it comes to shadow IT, CEOs must support users first

May 31, 2013
Business units and individual users have good reason to select their own cloud services and other tools
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What will 'cloud computing' mean in 10 years?

May 29, 2013
In a decade, cloud computing will encompass pervasive services, public and private data -- but will be rarely discussed
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Dell's downsized cloud ambitions might actually work out

May 24, 2013
Dell's abrupt switch away from a public cloud strategy has puzzled many people, but it's really the only choice
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Why Google is freaking out Amazon

May 21, 2013
With the release of Google Compute Engine, Google is becoming a real threat to Amazon Web Services
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A successful private cloud migration starts with data and apps

May 17, 2013
To take advantage of the cloud's native features, pick the right data and apps for your move to a private cloud
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Hey, HR, get off of my cloud

May 14, 2013
When HR wants IT to lock down employee access to cloud services, you know someone's productivity is being wasted
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Mostly bark, little bite in SAP's cloud offerings

May 10, 2013
A move to full-blown cloud services could decimate its business, so SAP focuses on window dressing
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Cloud success goes beyond certification programs

May 07, 2013
The recent addition of Amazon Web Services certification steals focus from the real need in cloud implementations
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CIOs like big data, just not in the cloud

May 03, 2013
Although cloud providers like Amazon are linking big data with the public cloud, enterprises rightfully don't see it that way
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Why companies using the cloud are so happy

April 30, 2013
RightScale-sponsored survey shows that problems scaring many IT organizations fade away as they actually deploy
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