2 do's and 2 don'ts when migrating apps to the cloud

July 26, 2013
It's easy to migrate on-premises applications to the cloud, but not so easy to do it right
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Happy birthday, OpenStack -- but don't get too comfortable

July 23, 2013
OpenStack is now three years old and has notched notable victories. However, questions on its future remain
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The proof is in: Amazon fully controls the cloud

July 19, 2013
With its huge price reductions, Amazon Web Services not only leads the market, but controls it as well
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Windows Azure users, be afraid of Microsoft's shake-up

July 16, 2013
There's no sign that innovation will accelerate -- but a real risk Azure will lose momentum as reorg chases out employees
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Why you should care about multicloud

July 12, 2013
New buzzword alert: Multicloud -- an old problem wrapped in new technology
Hybrid Cloud
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The cloud privacy wars are coming

July 09, 2013
With the recent NSA blowback in Europe, we will likely see the privacy battles heat up in the United States as well
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Oracle's aversion to cloud computing takes its toll

July 02, 2013
Oracle's late scramble to the cloud is a cautionary tale for all traditional enterprise software providers
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3 surefire ways to fail in the cloud

June 28, 2013
Avoid these common mistakes to cloud adoption and migration
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Cloud adoption's tipping point has arrived

June 25, 2013
Companies now trust the cloud, so it's time for IT to move from denial and anger to acceptance
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Powering Los Angeles one cloud migration at a time

June 21, 2013
A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that cloud computing is indeed more energy-efficient -- but just how efficient might surprise you
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