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Study on Big Security Data reveals business unable to harness its power to protect against threats.

Organizations failing to identify security breaches as they happen.

Western Union Implements Enterprise Data Hub on its Path to Deliver an Omni-channel Customer Experience

For an implementation of its size, Western Union anticipated going from "zero to Hadoop" in about a year. Exceeding expectations, "We had our first production-ready Cloudera system up within just five months," commented Saraf.

Ovum White paper: Big Data must become a first class citizen in the enterprise

The most direct path to making Big Data and Hadoop a first-class citizen will be through an "embrace and extend" approach that not only maps to existing skill sets, data center policies and practices, and business use cases, but also...

Taming the Big Data Beast

Governing today's burgeoning repositories of analytical data is hard work without assistance from sophisticated data modeling software.

CIO/Marketpulse: Data Management: A Unified Approach

Effective, unified data management strategies depend on IT and business users working together. This white paper describes how to get the most out of your data management efforts by making sure your IT and business teams work together.

Big Data in Big Companies

It's important to remember that the primary value from big data comes not from the data in its raw form, but from the processing and analysis of it and the insights, products, and services that emerge from analysis. Learn more.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid when Launching your Data Governance Program

Management guru Warren Bennis and his co-author, Noel M. Tichy, explain that judgment is a process and not a single event. Good judgment and sound decision making are at the heart of data governance.

Big Data Forum

Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

TDWI Best Practices Report: Integrating Hadoop into Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

The purpose of this report is to accelerate users' understanding of the many new Hadoop-based products that have emerged in recent years. The report also maps newly available Hadoop options to real-world use cases.

A Non-Geek's Playbook

This is designed to be a visual playbook for the non-geek yet technically savvy business professional who is still trying to understand how big data, specifically Hadoop, impacts the enterprise data game we've all been playing for years.

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