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Big data refers to the trend of deriving insight from vast repositories unstructured or semi-structured data using Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and other new tools.

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How Cloudera plans to stand out from the Hadoop herd

With so many folks expressing an interest in Hadoop, Cloudera sets itself apart via its business sense and open source savvy

Microsoft: Let us be your one stop for big data analytics

Microsoft wants to capture, store, analyze, and transform all your harvested data through new SQL Server, Azure offerings

How to build a big data supply chain

To get the most from big data, you must marshal new infrastructure and develop new collaborative processes. John Haddad of Informatica provides salient examples

10 big data startups to watch

These startups are helping big data live up to its potential in areas such as marketing, pharmaceutical research, and cyber security

LucidWorks, Hortonworks team up to be Hadoop's search engine

LucidWorks Solr joins with the Hortonworks Data Platform as part of a plan to better enable Hadoop for search

Big data showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store

Hortonworks and Pivotal vie for Hadoop dominance

The companies' new releases offer radically different ways of making Hadoop a useful enterprise tool

Review: HBase is massively scalable -- and hugely complex

Apache HBase offers extreme scalability, reliability, and flexibility, but at the cost of many moving parts

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn pump up scaling for MySQL

Big names come together on WebScaleSQL for better scaling among companies with heavy database demands

Intel makes 'significant' investment in Hadoop company Cloudera

Intel will market Cloudera's Hadoop distribution over its own as it seeks to enlarge the app portfolio for its x86 processors

Big Data White Paper

Tolly Test Report - How NetScaler...

In this report, Tolly evaluates the performance of several Citrix NetScaler ADC models vs. that of comparable products.... more

Big Data White Paper

The Value of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

The IBM® InfoSphere® BigInsights™ software platform helps firms discover and analyze business insights... more

Machine learning floats all boats on big data's ocean
Machine learning floats all boats on big data's ocean

Blog by James Kobielus

Machine learning is the unsung hero that powers many of the most sophisticated big data analytic applications
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