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Why Threat Intelligence is Critical for Next Generation Firewalls

A top-tier threat intelligence network is the foundation of an effective next-generation firewall. This white paper examines three criteria for judging threat intelligence networks: completeness, accuracy and speed.

Infographic: SaaS Takes Center Stage

SaaS continued its impressive growth cycle in 2013, delivering value across the enterprise. Learn how subsricption-based business applications are expected to make an even bigger impact in 2014 and beyond.

Controlling & Managing Super User Access

Every business needs privileged account users. Unfortunately, most operating systems offer all-or-nothing solutions. This white paper explores the risks associated with privileged accounts, and explains how Dell solutions can mitigate those risks.

Simple Solution, Big Capability

Meet growing employee and business demands by connecting up to 1,000 users with powerful collaboration capabilities with a single, integrated platform -- Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6000).

Enterprise-Ready Sync From Day 1

There's no doubt consumer-grade sync and share solutions are convenient, but it's the risk they introduce to the enterprise that keeps IT leaders up at night.

File Sync and Share Made Simple

Today's employees use multiple devices to get their work done. These mixed environments create new challenges for IT teams-IT admins are now tasked with providing users access to synced and shared files on any platform, any device and any network.

Five Must-Haves for Enterprise File Sync and Share Flexibility

To maximize visibility into and regain control of corporate data at all times, IT can more quickly and effectively mitigate risk through an enterprise-ready sync and share solution.

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise File Sync and Share

As an IT professional, you understand sync and share software is a growing part of today's workflow-but the workers you support consider it essential to their daily activity.

The Perfect Combo: ITIL, ITSM and Social Media

BMC explores how best-in-class organizations are leveraging these to drive user satisfaction and organizational success.

Raising the Bar for IT Service Management: EMA's Look at BMC Remedy OnDemand

Learn about the changing face of ITSM and gain the perspective needed to make the right ITSM decision for your organization. Get the free white paper from Enterprise Management Associates.

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