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Video: 5 Secrets To Scaling Enterprise Apps

Watch this video to learn how to successfully scale enterprise apps>>

Make or Break: New Auto Products Must Go To Market On Time

This Webcast quantifies the value of time to market for the auto industry and highlights how Primavera Enterprise Portfolio Management can help organizations.

Collaboration 2013: Where Mobility Meets Connectivity

Mobility and collaboration are quickly converging and users are demanding more capabilities. It's no longer enough to enable file sharing. This Webcast dives into the issues surrounding mobility and collaboration.

Next Generation SAM

Managing software assets and licenses is a time-consuming job that can drain IT resources. When this is not done properly, a company might spend more on licenses than needed and could put the company at risk, exposing it to fines and other penalties.

Streamline Software Asset Management, Compose a software Management Symphony

Keeping track of your organization's software is easy with effective software management solutions from CDW. View the videos in our software solutions channel

CDW Software Asset Management

SAM is a process, not a one off project. Chances are you've either been audited, or you will be soon. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all US business entities will be audited within the next 12 months.

Service-Enabling CICS Applications: Best Practices

This informative webcast provides an informed, thorough look into CICS service-enablement options and how they can affect your environment. You'll learn how to get the most from your CICS applications without compromising the best possible outcome.

Making Legacy Apps Available to Your Mobile Workforce

How is your IT organization responding to the mobility revolution? With Verastream, you can give your mobile workforce the same functionality they have on their desktops, without rebuilding the applications you already have.

Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity

A mobility research director from Aberdeen discusses reasons for extending legacy applications to mobile devices, and an integration strategist from Attachmate shows how easy it can be.

Modernizing Legacy Mainframe Applications for Fun and Profit

Discover the fastest, simplest way to webify host applications and streamline navigation for internal and external users. Watch this three-minute video podcast on web enablement.

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