Happy birthday to the App Store!

July 07, 2009
Apple's online application marketplace celebrates its first anniversary as well as its success
, Apple
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Firefox 3.5 hits general availability

June 30, 2009
Mozilla's latest browser features a speed boost and HTML 5 capabilities
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Zoho Office links with Microsoft SharePoint

June 24, 2009
The new add-on uses Microsoft's technology to help Zoho better compete with offerings like Google Apps
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Is Microsoft pushing IE8 down people's throats?

June 15, 2009
A series of moves meant to put IE8 in the hands of users could instead turn them off of Microsoft's latest browser
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Trendwatch: BI in the cloud

June 11, 2009
Cloud computing continues to evolve, but is it ready to be a BI platform?
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Microsoft and Google take aim at each other

June 04, 2009
Microsoft owns desktop apps, Google rules search, and both are trying to chip away at the other's strength
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Bing vs. Google: Can Microsoft compete with the search titan?

June 03, 2009
Microsoft would prefer you to call Bing a 'decision' engine instead of a search engine. But is it really that different from Google?
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Google making big Apps moves

May 28, 2009
Many Google Apps are shedding the beta tag, and the company also is introducing new online services and features
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Microsoft sets kill date for Office 2000

May 26, 2009
Security updates for the suite will cease on August 1, when the Office Update site will be taken down
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Jonathan Schwartz's app store dream

May 21, 2009
Sun's head honcho aims to leverage Java's installed base to create the world's largest app store
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