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Leveraging Open Source Business Intelligence across Your Organization

Learn how to overcome the technical challenges and misconceptions around delivering open source BI, as well as developing and maximizing the use of open source BI in this white paper.

How to Cost Effectively Deploy Open Source Business Intelligence

This white paper will show how to add new reporting features and functions to your applications without any scalability issues.

Choose the Right Rich Information Application Framework for Your Organization

Learn what to look for and what to avoid in this white paper.

Using Open-Source SOA in an Enterprise Deployment

This paper provides a brief overview of the benefits of open source and the business drivers behind its market momentum. The paper also describes Sun's modular, open-source approach to an SOA.

Lightweight Services: Recomposing SOA for the current economic times

A constrained economy hasn't offset the need for increased business integration within the fast and responsive enterprise. Staying ahead of competition requires federation with vendors, suppliers, customers, and staff to deliver the value that the enterprise promises. Learn how a careful choice of technologies and middleware such as Sun's LightWeight services platform, become even more critical.

A New Model of Business Intelligence

No longer struggle with the complexity and limitations of BI solutions. Find out how today!

Application Grid: Foundation for SOA, Standardization, and Speed

Application grid is an architecture for enterprise middleware that pools, shares, and dynamically allocates resources to achieve greater operational efficiency, performance, and flexibility.

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