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Download the Mobile App Development in the Cloud Deep Dive

Create better mobile apps quickly by tapping cloud-based, back-end services that offer data storage, user management, and analytics

Download the Application Virtualization Deep Dive

With applications virtualization, once you package applications for users, deployment and management become a magnitude easier

Developers Survival Guide

The dramatic shifts in IT -- hello, cloud computing; nice to see you, consumerization -- have expanded the roles and requirements developers handle. Here's how to stay on top of the shifts by working smarter, not harder.

Download the Cloud Applications Deep Dive report

The path to launching a cloud service is not so straightforward. Here’s how to find likely services among your existing applications -- and get them ready to roll

Download the HTML5 Deep Dive How-to Megaguide Report

In this 20-page PDF, InfoWorld experts explain all key HTML5 specs, from canvas to local storage, plus the latest browser benchmarks and report cards on HTML5 support

Download the HTML5 Strategy Deep Dive

Preparing your website and Web apps for HTML5? Here's what you need to know

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