Why the future of IT rests on one person

June 15, 2011
IT's success will be tied to delivering 'luxury': tailored, feature-rich services supported by a single employee
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Selling IT to the business is a losing game

June 08, 2011
To accomplish anything, IT leaders should rely on the quality of their relationships, not the quality of their arguments
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How IT should spur end-user innovation

June 01, 2011
Opening the door to end-user innovation is easy. Fostering it is where the hard work begins
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How the App Store reshapes IT's priorities

May 25, 2011
The new IT must shed its deny-by-default mentality and embrace risk as opportunity to fully integrate with the business
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A bold new direction for IT

May 18, 2011
IT is undergoing a sea change, and Advice Line is shifting its focus to better aid IT leaders in years ahead
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Making the case for VDI: Lock them down and open them up

May 16, 2011
With desktop virtualization, you can provide the freedom your users want, while maintaining the control IT needs
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The perils of slipshod project management

May 11, 2011
Sure, the team wants your skills for last-minute changes and updates, but your thoughts on their process? Not so much
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Flexibility vs. scalability in the cloud -- there's no easy answer

May 05, 2011
Operating expenses and capital expenditures will surely play into your cloud computing decision, but they're not the only factors
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Fitting in vs. sticking out -- a newbie's choice, the team's role

May 03, 2011
It suits your team to let new hires understand the difference between energizing a group and disrupting the flow
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How to set your own raise, fairly and ethically

April 29, 2011
No one should have to decide their own compensation, but if the boss insists, you can go about it with a clear conscience
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