Why you need to put a personal face on IT

January 11, 2012
The business/IT relationship builds -- or deteriorates -- one interaction at a time
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Fixing the relationship between business and IT

January 04, 2012
The first step to a successful business/IT relationship is understanding what a business/IT relationship means
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The six C's of effective metrics

December 28, 2011
Useful business metrics follow the six-C formula, beginning with connection and ending with communication
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Holiday wishes to the IT industry

December 21, 2011
Let the kids and comedians be your guide -- this holiday season, reflect on what's important: the community you connect with every day
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The four fallacies of IT metrics

December 14, 2011
Getting metrics right is essential to effective IT management, but getting them wrong is worse than not having them at all
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Stupid consultant tricks

December 07, 2011
Metrics are dull unless you do them wrong. If you do, the disaster that ensues will make you wish for dull
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The secret to IT project success

November 30, 2011
For most projects, completion is success. But in IT, getting it done is only the beginning
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Six lessons from a lightning ERP rollout

November 23, 2011
From zero to SAP with time to spare: How Daiwa House completed its ERP implementation early -- despite downtime from the Tohuku earthquake
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13 tips for turbocharging projects

November 16, 2011
Today's rapidly changing business environment requires a faster, stronger, more flexible approach to project management
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IT project managers: The quick and the dead

November 09, 2011
What used to matter most in IT project management -- cost and quality -- now ranks below speed, capacity, and adaptability
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