How to avoid bad IT architecture

May 30, 2012
Take a tip from the cloud vendors: Thinking in terms of services is a good way to ensure your IT architecture isn't accidental
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The end of multitasking as you know it

May 23, 2012
Multitasking doesn't work, yet it's a prized ability. Instead, learn how to manage interruptions so that they become part of your schedule
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How to drag your users out of the Stone Age

May 16, 2012
Too many businesses try to compete using last-century work habits. Here's how IT can help shift their outlook to this-century mastery
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Next-generation IT has big shoes to fill

May 09, 2012
The future of IT rests on craft production, not mass production, as this tale of custom-made size 25 shoes illustrates
IT Strategy, CRM, ERP
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IT versus the in-flight magazine

May 02, 2012
Why do business execs get excited about the latest trendy tech they read about? Because IT remains silent
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3D printing: A litmus test for IT leadership

April 25, 2012
Next-generation IT is all about custom-tailored products and services. What you know about 3D printing says a lot about whether your organization will get there
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Supporting business practices: The easiest job in IT

April 18, 2012
When it comes to supporting business practices, a suitable package and modicum of support is all most business users need
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How IT can think like the business

April 11, 2012
Few internal IT shops know what it takes to build the software necessary to support business innovation. Does yours?
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BYOD and the hidden risk of IT security

April 04, 2012
When employees use personal devices for business purposes, too much security can create more risk than it prevents
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Bring your own tech: IT's missed opportunity

March 28, 2012
Employees bring their own devices, technology, and clouds because IT fell down on a big responsibility: providing leadership
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