Message to old guard: Accept social business

May 29, 2013
Like BYOD, social networking tools can be valuable at work, and denying it will only hurt IT's ability to control its use
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Bad first impression? Give the cloud a second chance

May 22, 2013
Don't let early reliability issues and some high-profile outages keep you from giving the cloud the chance it deserves
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Windows 'Blue' will leave Microsoft customers seeing red

May 15, 2013
Windows 8 customers have registered their complaints loud and clear. Will Windows 8.1 prove Microsoft is even listening?
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Resistance is futile: You will use PowerShell

May 08, 2013
Microsoft is making more and more server admin functions command-line-only. Here's why you should embrace that shift
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How to make the move from Google Apps to Office 365

May 01, 2013
There's a new cloud on the block, so how do you migrate to it from the old cloud?
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Welcome to Microsoft Webmail's new doc preview

April 24, 2013
Exchange 2013 no longer has WebReady Document Viewing, as Webmail document preview is now handled by a new server
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Dude, where'd my Windows Server edition go?

April 17, 2013
Microsoft has dropped its 'easy' WHS and SBS server editions to push its cloud offerings -- and that's a good move
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Exchange 2013 is finally ready for production use

April 10, 2013
Microsoft's late-2012 general release of Exchange was a beta in all but name, but now the meat of the update has arrived
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How to cut through the complexity of Lync 2013

April 03, 2013
With a little help and openness to telephony approaches, adopting Microsoft's communications server need not be daunting
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Forget about Windows 'Blue' -- stay focused on Windows 7

March 27, 2013
Microsoft's touch approach isn't fully baked for most users, so sticking with what works today is the best strategy
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