What to expect from Windows 8

December 08, 2010
With rumored release dates and features, the buzz has already begun about Microsoft’s 'riskiest upcoming product'
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Viruses for the holidays: Three go-to tools to keep you merry

December 01, 2010
Family visitors bring computer woes with them. Are you up for the challenge?
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Office 365: Expect huge improvements for admins

November 24, 2010
Some UI issues aside, the beta shows real promise for what matters to admin: strong controls for a cloud service
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The 7 terms admins need to demystify to the business

November 17, 2010
IT is often frustrated that the business doesn't understand its priorities; here's how to make the translation
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The one tool all modern Windows admins still require

November 10, 2010
The golden boot floppy of years past still exists -- but it has morphed into a lighter and more flexible form
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How to choose a hosted Exchange provider

November 03, 2010
Microsoft BPOS isn't the only game in town for hosted Exchange: the 6 key factors for choosing a provider
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Windows Phone 7 will be a serious game-changer

October 27, 2010
Love it or hate it, the new Windows Phone 7 mobile OS has success written all over it
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Getting out-of-office users securely connected to Exchange

October 21, 2010
With more users working on the road and from smartphones, here's how to connect them safely to their email, calendars, and contacts
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Microsoft Lync 2010: Finally, a communications server worth the effort

October 13, 2010
Touted as a PBX replacement, the successor to Office Communications Server adds capabilities and is easier to deploy
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Printing in Windows 7: Fancy setups using 'old school' techniques

October 06, 2010
Printer pools, priority levels, paper jam recovery -- retro tips from veteran IT admins
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