Will Office 365 get you fired?

March 30, 2011
Microsoft's Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online combo is good. Is it good enough to cost you your job?
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The case for slowing a move to the cloud

March 23, 2011
InfoWorld's Windows columnist drank too much of the cloud Kool-Aid -- until two slaps in the face made him reconsider his enthusiasm
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Eight free Windows 7 tools you gotta try

March 16, 2011
Our Windows blogger recently found these utilities, which have made his PC environment that much more capable
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Delving into Office 365's email security

March 09, 2011
Microsoft is integrating its Forefront filtering technology into Office 365 and BPOS to make it easier for Exchange admins to let go
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Two flavors of Small Business Server 2011: Which to choose

February 24, 2011
One is on-premise, the other in the cloud. Right now, they serve different needs, but one day they could merge
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How to fix 5 persistent Windows irritations

February 16, 2011
These problems bug me in Windows, and they probably bug you too. Here's how to handle them
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Get your Windows networks IPv6-ready -- while you still can

February 09, 2011
IPv4 finally has to yield way to its successor IPv6; here's what Windows admins need to know
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Has System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 purged the ghost of 2007?

February 02, 2011
After a rough start with SCDPM 2007, I return to the next-gen version of my old nemesis to see if we can finally make peace
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Galaxy Tab: A great tablet for the 'can't do Apple' crowd

January 26, 2011
Why the Android 7-inch tablet is a perfect fit for this Windows admin's personal and business lives
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Windows MultiPoint Server 2011: Good for more than just schools

January 19, 2011
You can power as many as 20 workstations from one PC, giving libraries, classrooms, training centers, and more an economical computing platform
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