Want Microsoft Lync? Get an expert to deploy it

July 11, 2012
The unified communications tool is overcomplicated to deploy, and its concepts are alien to IT's typical Exchange experience
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Microsoft's Endpoint Protection is worth the licensing pains

July 05, 2012
SCCM 2012 integrates the security client for easier management -- once you navigate Microsoft's maze of licensing options
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The unexpected joy of Windows admin from a tablet

June 27, 2012
Windows' Remote Desktop is a lifesaver for IT admins, but a new breed of mobile tools may be a better option
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Windows 8's stealth advantage: Better security

June 20, 2012
Microsoft's best improvement to Windows is under the hood, and it should drive fast adoption by smart companies
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TechEd 2012: The key insights for Windows admins (so far)

June 13, 2012
Microsoft's largest annual conference explores Azure, Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Windows 8
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Windows Phone and Exchange ActiveSync: What you need to know

June 06, 2012
The iPhone and Android provide more EAS security than Windows Phone 7 does, but you may still be able to support Microsoft's smartphones
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Why I can't love Windows Phone 7.5

May 30, 2012
Despite a great UI and intuitive touches, Microsoft's mobile OS is marred by poor enterprise support
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End the appliance-sprawl blues with virtual appliances

May 23, 2012
Although not perfect for every circumstance, sometimes a virtual appliance is just what you need
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Why you should block Facebook access at the office

May 16, 2012
While you're at it, get rid of Twitter, CNN, and the rest of the social networking distractions, too
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Move over, VDI: It's time for IDV

May 09, 2012
VDI may have met a new competitor in the form of intelligent desktop virtualization
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