Friend or foe? Microsoft partners wary of Office 365 migration plans

August 27, 2014
Microsoft's self-interest may leave solutions providers in the lurch, but for now there's still a need for third-party help
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In Microsoft's cloud quest, some will get left behind

August 20, 2014
Risk of 'technical drift' is especially pernicious when your vendor appears to support the cloud but is only paying lip service
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Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant could well come to Windows 9

August 13, 2014
It could be a race between Apple and Microsoft as to who gets a voice assistant on the desktop first
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The Azure-Active Directory connection just got easier

August 06, 2014
Microsoft releases AAD Connect, a new wizard-driven tool to help ease the connection
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Microsoft gets smart to the 'dual user' -- and to reality

July 30, 2014
CEO Satya Nadella gets how the world has changed and how Microsoft needs to fit in the new tech landscape
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Microsoft's new mega tech conference: The pros and cons

July 23, 2014
A new mega-show will replace the familiar specialty conferences, and not everyone is happy about it
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Microsoft's latest Azure moves shows it's all-in with the cloud

July 16, 2014
IT is moving away from its on-premises comfort zone, and Microsoft is pushing IT along
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Office Mix: Microsoft's new tool may revolutionize presentations

July 09, 2014
The PowerPoint add-on helps turn slideshows into interactive presentations with lots of bells and whistles
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Windows 9: The empire's last hope

July 02, 2014
Microsoft looks to reboot the franchise with a morphing Start-enabled take on the troubled two-faced Windows 8
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Microsoft's new cyber security community may stay empty

June 25, 2014
Now in beta for Azure subscribers, Microsoft hopes its online community and tracker will help IT deal with threats faster
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