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 mifi 2200 from novatel wireless for verizon wireless
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Mobile's gift to the world: In poor countries, it's life-changing

A third of the world's population has at least basic access to the mobile Internet -- and gets a great deal of value from it

Hotel group asks FCC for permission to block some outside Wi-Fi

Marriott and its allies say this capability is necessary to protect the security of their own networks

NSA spy program targets mobile networks worldwide

The NSA has conducted a covert campaign to intercept internal communications of operators and trade groups in order to infiltrate mobile networks worldwide, according to the latest revelations from documents supplied by Edward Snowden....

Showdown coming on Ethernet standard to serve faster Wi-Fi

The IEEE is just starting to tackle 2.5G/5G Ethernet, and two groups think they have the answers

OS X Yosemite desktop 4

OS X Yosemite update fails to solve Mac Wi-Fi mess

Early reports say OS X 10.10.1 does not resuscitate Mac Wi-Fi connections

Apple asks developers to focus on Wi-Fi in first Yosemite beta update

The mention in the release notes indicates Apple has finally acknowledged the OS may have a Wi-Fi bug

FTC: AT&T promised unlimited data, but throttled mobile customers

Mobile customers who exceeded a monthly data cap had their connections slowed by as much as 90 percent, the agency says

Google's ambitious broadband plans include testing wireless technology

If Google feels a combination of wired and wireless broadband at gigabit speeds is feasible, it will put pressure on competitors to follow suit

Startup builds on Wi-Fi chips for faster, cheaper 'last mile' broadband

Mimosa Networks wants to help service providers reach customers without laying fiber or copper

With WhatsApp, Facebook looks to become the first global telco

The WhatsApp acquisition could help Facebook leapfrog Google and Microsoft, take pole position in voice revolution

The mobile data explosion: All signs point upward

Mobile data usage in 2013 almost doubled year over year, says Cisco, and tiered pricing hasn't had the affect you'd expect

How to ruin the Internet of things: Tie up with a carrier

It's bad enough that a smartphone is tied to a specific network. Imagine what happens if your car, fridge, alarm, or other long-lived equipment is

9 best Chrome apps for managing data, clients, money, and more

From Evernote Web to Lucidchart Diagrams to UberConference, these apps make productivity easy

First Look: Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX lineup

Amazon's new 7-inch and 8.9-inch tablets boast impressive new screens and software

Dish leapfrogs Sprint with aggressive new bid for Clearwire

The satellite company is now offering $4.40 per share, beating Sprint's enhanced offer of $3.40

Sprint-SoftBank merger gets U.S. security panel approval

The approval addresses some national security concerns related to the acquisition, but the FCC's OK is still needed

The meter's on all the time: Tech's 'greed is good' era arrives

Adobe Creative Cloud is the first blatant move to make us pay, pay again, and pay some more for nonservices technology

Opera acquires Skyfire Labs for faster mobile video delivery

Skyfire says its Rocket Optimizer software, which compresses multimedia content, gives mobile networks a 60 percent increase in bandwidth capacity

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