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Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant could well come to Windows 9

It could be a race between Apple and Microsoft as to who gets a voice assistant on the desktop first

Two tricks to automate the export of live VMs in Windows Server

A little-known Hyper-V export feature and Jeff Hicks' free PowerShell script can make an admin's work a lot easier

5 free Windows Server tools you should know about

These hidden gems can be real life-savers for IT admins

Windows 7: 10 top tools for power users

Windows 7 works fine out of the box, but why settle for "fine"? From an all-in-one system utility to an enhanced clipboard, these 10 tools can give Windows 7 -- and your productivity -- a serious boost

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source desktop and mobile software

InfoWorld's top picks in open source desktop productivity, utility, and mobility

Microsoft CodePlex: 12 open source gems for every Windows admin

We mined Microsoft’s open source hosting repository to unearth 12 invaluable Windows admin tools -- and they're all free

Microsoft broadens Bing beyond simple search

Following in Google's and Apple's footsteps, Bing is now central service for stitching together Internet-powered services with local apps

Suffer not: 10 Windows Start menus for Windows 8.1

Although Windows 8's Start menu is still MIA in Windows 'Blue,' a smorgasbord of replacements can fill the void

Windows 8 users snub Metro apps, stick to traditional Windows software

The majority of Windows 8 PC owners launch less than one app a day

The lazy geek's guide to a home media center

Apple TV and iTunes let you fulfill the digital entertainment dream, especially if you add an iPad to the mix

Top Metro apps for Windows 8 power users

The Windows 8 Metro application ecosystem is evolving. Here are 17 early entrants worth adding to your tablet or PC

10 new cool tools for Exchange admins

Lots of new tools are coming out from Microsoft and others to help the mail keep flowing and people working

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