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Fear the golden ticket attack!

Be afraid of the golden ticket attack -- if malicious hackers can create the tickets, they can wreak whatever havoc they please

Windows admins get new tools against pass-the-hash attacks

Windows, Windows Server safer from pass-the-hash attacks. Score one for security admins -- if they follow other best practices, too

Windows 2003: Microsoft's next support sinkhole

Microsoft won't support Windows Server 2003 after July 2015, and businesses need to think about migration sooner, not later

Unofficial XP update has Microsoft up in arms

Microsoft isn't amused by new hack that tricks Microsoft Update into applying XP security patches

Don't let the latest zero-day fool you

The Internet Explorer exploit patched by Microsoft last week was serious stuff, but, if you're prioritizing holes to plug, browser vulnerabilities shouldn't be first on the list

The worst data breaches of 2014 ... so far

We're only a third of the way through the year, and hackers have already had their way with all matter of security systems

6 lessons learned about the scariest security threats

These hard-earned lessons of a longtime IT security pro may save you from the fallout of advanced persistent threats

13 tough questions about computer security

Security novices often ask great questions, and these student queries elicit responses worth a short security course

Lucky 2013: Count these 5 security blessings

Amid a spying scandal and endless corporate data breaches, blessings might seem in short supply. But these five bright spots will cheer you up

The weirdest, wackiest, and coolest sci/tech stories of 2013

From bathroom malware and the mystery Google barge to Chinese Moon landings and humanoid robots, it has been one crazy year in high-tech

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