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Heavyweight battle: Surface Book vs Macbook Pro

Microsoft and Apple have both recently added new devices to their high-end lineups but which machine is better for you? senior writer, Sarah White matches these two machines up to see who is the victor.


Microsoft Surface Pro Intel i7 review's senior writer Sarah White puts this updated Surface Book with Performance Base through its paces to see what this thoroughbred device can do.


Hybrid tablet showdown: Huawei Matebook vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4's Sarah White puts these two hybrid tablets through the paces to see which one is the best fit for the enterprise.

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Windows smartphone sales collapse

Sales of Windows smartphones plunged 76% in the second quarter of this year compared to 2015.


Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 enterprise features's Sarah White takes a closer look at Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 all-in-one device to see how it fits into enterprise IT.

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The Microsoft admin’s brave, new post-Windows Phone world

Microsoft admins rejoice! Microsoft may have abandoned the mobile device market, but it's actually stronger in the corporate mobile market

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Windows Mobile gets good just as Microsoft stops caring

Finally, Microsoft's smartphone OS comes together as a viable platform for basic needs

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Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Build 14327 adds texting via PC, strips out Skype

A new test build of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile allows you to send texts from your Windows 10 PC via your phone

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Microsoft puts Windows Phone on hold

Remember, Comdex went on 'hiatus,' too

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Microsoft can win without Windows Phone

Both on smartphones and tablets, Microsoft succeeds -- even if iOS and Android continue to win, too

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A kinder, gentler Microsoft says you can 'just say no' to Windows 10 Mobile upgrades

Unlike Windows PCs, where Microsoft seems determined to migrate its user base off older versions of Windows, Microsoft says you can stick with Windows Phone 8.1 rather than move to Windows 10 Mobile.

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Finally, some Windows 8.1 phones are getting Windows 10 Mobile

After much delay, the new Windows mobile OS is available to old Windows phones -- but only some


Meet HP's Elite x3, the Windows phone that could almost replace your PC

The Elite x3 embraces Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum feature, offering two accessories for docking the phone to a display and input devices so you can use it like a PC.


PCWorld Show Episode II: Tanking tablets, the SwiftKey acquisition, and the new Windows phone

In this week's episode of the PCWorld Show, we ponder why PCs are killing tablets, why Microsoft would buy SwiftKey, why anyone would make a new Windows phone, and why we love (or hate) USB-C.


Acer Liquid Jade Primo: Finally a new third-party flagship Windows phone

Acer says that it will begin shipping its Liquid Jade Primo phone next month, with what appears to be some premium specs. But when will it ship to the U.S.?

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Windows 10 upgrades for Windows Phone 8.1 devices delayed until 2016

Microsoft originally said we'd see Windows 10 mobile upgrades start in December. That's been pushed back until early 2016

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Microsoft pulls Windows 10 Mobile update after users hit snags

Users had reported a wide variety of issues with the upgrade process

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Future for Windows in smartphones is grim, Gartner says

Smartphone users will continue adopting Android phones and iPhones

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