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Oracle hops on the bandwagon to dump Java browser plug-in

Browser vendors are moving away from plug-ins. Now Oracle is encouraging developers to migrate Java Applets to the plug-in free Java Web Start technology

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Critical vulnerabilities patched in Magento e-commerce platform

Stored XSS bugs could let hackers hijack administrative accounts


Amazon eases Web encryption with AWS Certificate Manager

A new service provides free, automatically upgraded SSL/TLS certificates for sites supported by Amazon's load balancing and CDN systems

keep it simple

Jooby framework simplifies Java Web development

The framework offers modular, stateless development so it scales easily, has a low learning curve, and keeps it simple (stupid)


Drupal to secure its update process with HTTPS

Drupal to add HTTPS support and fix other issues with the content management system's update mechanism after a researcher recently found weaknesses

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Cor takes aim at JavaScript bloat

The language offers clean syntax, modularity, and easy debugging in browsers

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The app dev undead: 5 technologies limping along

Famo.us, io.js, JavaFX, Objective-C, and Spring.Net have all faded away, but for different reasons

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Ruby on Rails takes on Node.js with WebSocket support, API mode

The first beta for the 5.0 edition of the popular Web framework for Ruby is out, with WebSockets support as a major feature -- and with Ruby 2.2.2 as a requirement

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Mozilla’s next-gen Web ambitions hobbled by timid start

Even Mozilla's own Firefox doesn’t support the first, awkward tools for WebAssembly


Microsoft treads on Node.js's turf with Chakra JavaScript engine

An open source Chakra is part of Microsoft's plans for infiltrating a world powered by JavaScript and its friends

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Why Node.js waited for OpenSSL security update before patching

Node.js Foundation fixed two critical vulnerabilities in its open source server-side JavaScript platform and addressed the newly patched OpenSSL

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Leaner, meaner PHP 7 promises huge performance boost

Language founder Rasmus Lerdorf says lower memory usage provides a 100 percent speedup in most real-world applications

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Up close with Google's Angular 2 JavaScript framework

Here's all you need to know about Angular 2, the exciting new successor to Google's wildly popular JavaScript framework, AngularJS

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IncludeOS: Run cloud applications with less

With the new open source OS, developers write a cloud service in C++ that contains only the libraries needed to run that app

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Adobe tells developers to use HTML5 instead of Flash

Flash isn't dead yet, but Adobe is encouraging developers to adopt Web standards like HTML5

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Having fun with HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes go way beyond the 404 and 500 errors we have all encountered. Let's look at what they mean for a non-developer -- and figure out some of the geek humor that’s hidden in their midst

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PHP 7.0 delayed, but release candidate available

In order to address some lingering bugs, the PHP team pushed back the 7.0 release two weeks

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For Vue.js, components power interactive Web interfaces

With Vue.js 1.0.0 available, main developer Evan You sees the JavaScript library becoming a top choice for building Web apps

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