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HTML5 rocket

HTML5.1 begins to take shape on GitHub

The next generation of the Web standard is using a GitHub repo for feedback and suggestions

software update toolbox

Grunt JavaScript task-runner nears 1.0 release

The newest release updates async callback handling, duplicate BOM handling, and the command-line interface


How to work with Hangfire in C#

Take advantage of Hangfire, an open source job scheduling framework, to schedule fire-and-forget, recurring tasks in Web applications sans the need of a Windows Service

ASP.Net WebHooks

Introducing ASP.Net WebHooks

Take advantage of ASP.Net Web Hooks to send HTTP POST notifications within the context of the ASP.Net runtime

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Microsoft fires back at AWS with Azure Functions service and more

A new IoT Gateway SDK will help developers connect old hardware to the cloud

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Experimental ThinScript language backs WebAssembly

Still a work in progress, the new language supports technology intended to boost Web performance

Moving Day, Cardboard boxes stack packages

Meteor JavaScript framework moves to NPM

With the upgrade, Meteor 1.3 offers better integration and support for JavaScript specs

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Q&A: JavaScript creator Brendan Eich puts Brave face on the Web.

Brendan Eich's latest project involves a browser that automatically blocks ads and trackers, protects user privacy

machine learning

How machine learning will take off in the cloud

The cloud will bring the power of machine learning to the Joe Schmoes of the enterprise

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Google, Microsoft, Mozilla preview WebAssembly in their browsers

The portable bytecode project looks to significantly improve the Web's performance


Peachpie compiler aims to bring PHP to .Net

Built with Microsoft's open source Roslyn compiler, Peachpie leverages .Net's metaprogramming technologies in PHP

brendan eich

JavaScript founder Brendan Eich: WebAssembly is a game-changer

Speaking at the O'Reilly Fluent conference, Eich also endorsed the Service Workers mobile app technology, WebGL, and Decorators for JavaScript

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UX and UI: What's ketchup got to do with it?

Is the difference between UX and UI a secret language that we'll never understand? I spoke with a UX designer to learn more about the differences between the two and how they relate to businesses

virtual reality business

Mozilla brings WebVR closer to reality

The API proposal features interfaces to VR hardware and compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices


Oracle’s JET JavaScript toolkit flies the open source skies

JET 2.0.0 adds mobile development, data visualization, and scaffolding capabilities

browsers chrome firefox internet explorer safari

WebAssembly may go live in browsers this year

The portable code format promises to bring native speed to Web apps

lorimerlite framework structure build construction

Beyond jQuery: An expert guide to JavaScript frameworks

How to choose from 22 essential JavaScript frameworks for Web and mobile development

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Why you need to use Polymer for Web development

Easy, clean, and powerful, Polymer enhances basic HTML for building websites

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