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browser roundup sept 2014 ie11 screen

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Mozilla Rust language approaches 1.0 milestone

Mozilla project expands beyond browser engines to support concurrency and quick systems programming

browser comparison sept 2014

Browser comparison: How the five leaders stack up in speed, ease of use and more

Do you like your browser fast, easy on system resources, or simple to use? We tested Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, and found surprising differences on these measures.

How Google tiff with certificate authorities can impact you

Certificate authorities want Google to give websites more time to make security changes before issuing warnings through the Chrome browser

Microsoft's new Update Tuesday looks a whole lot like the old Black Tuesday

This month's truly gargantuan update includes a couple worthwhile new Windows features -- hardly the rapid delivery of new features that Microsoft touted

Internet Explorer steals the Patch Tuesday spotlight again

There are four new security bulletins from Microsoft this month, including one critical update that addresses a zero-day flaw

Comcast's open Wi-Fi hotspots inject ads into your browser

By injecting JavaScript ads into your browser, Comcast could be creating unintended security vulnerabilities

IE users in no rush to discard old versions despite Microsoft's support-stoppage mandate

Nearly 70 percent of current IE users must upgrade to a newer IE -- or switch browsers -- in the next 16 months, before support will end

Latest Firefox version adds protection against rogue SSL certificates

Firefox 32 has implemented a feature known as certificate key pinning

Mozilla presses forward with new revenue plan, debuts ads in Firefox preview

Mozilla has added small ads to the new tab page of Firefox's roughest-edged Nightly build

Chrome sings 'When I'm 64' on Windows

Google promotes 64-bit browser to polished, 'Stable' channel; trumpets faster speed, better stability

Many Chrome browser extensions do sneaky things

A study of 48,000 Chrome extensions uncovers ad fraud, data theft, and other misdeeds

Black Tuesday: Microsoft offers massive IE patch rollup but no ActiveX blocks

Initial reports also include puzzling behavior for some Start menu Taskbars, patches for some Surface tablets, and an underwhelming Win 8.1 'Update 2'

Microsoft slashes IE support, sets 'huge' edict for Jan. 2016

Company makes another move that will complicate the lives of its best customers: enterprises

IE plays security catch-up, will block outdated Java plug-ins

Next week's update to IE8 through IE11 will introduce a new warning when users try to run an outmoded Java ActiveX control

Google ships 64-bit Chrome for OS X

Google has touted the 64-bit version as more stable and faster than its 32-bit predecessor

Internet Explorer vulnerabilities surge to record levels in 2014

IE suffered more than twice as many vulnerabilities as Chrome and Firefox, an analysis of National Vulnerability Database figures shows

EFF releases Chrome, Firefox plug-in to block third-party tracking

One feature of Privacy Badger aims to stop tracking tied to clicking the Facebook 'like' on outside sites

Google Chrome dumps 30-year-old Windows technology

Chrome 37 for Windows, now in beta, switches from GDI to DirectWrite to render text

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