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BitTorrent's audacious P2P-powered Maelstrom browser enters public beta

Project Maelstrom aims to make accessing Web content much faster and more reliable than it is today

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JavaScript experts: Microsoft's new Spartan browser rocks

Nobody knows JavaScript like the folks at Famo.us, and the JavaScript engine and rendering pipeline in Windows 10's Spartan browser blew them away

Internet privacy

Microsoft rolls back commitment to Do Not Track

Will stop setting the 'don't track me' signal as on by default in its browsers

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Mozilla's Rust-based Servo browser engine inches forward

Next-gen Servo project more fully exploits modern multicore hardware, but don't expect it to replace Firefox any time soon

Firefox 37 supports easier encryption option than HTTPS

For sites that can't support HTTPS, Firefox 37 now supports a simpler option: opportunistic encryption

Windows 10

Microsoft updates Windows 10, debuts Project Spartan browser

Microsoft starts to set stage for the overthrow of Internet Explorer

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First look: Project Spartan, Microsoft's next-generation Web browser

Microsoft’s new browser combines a minimalist look and feel with a rendering engine designed to keep pace with a rapidly evolving Web

Piñata de Internet Explorer

More than half of all IE users face patch axe in 10 months

The majority of IE users face a support retirement deadline that Microsoft unexpectedly announced last August


Internet Explorer 11 won't use Microsoft's new 'Edge' browser engine in Windows 10

IE is the past and Project Spartan is the future: Microsoft says IE11 will not use Project Spartan's Edge rendering engine

Zero day, Web browser vulnerabilities spike in 2014

The good news: More than 83 percent of vulnerabilities had patches ready when the flaws became public

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Google courts Firefox users with new dump-Yahoo appeal

Google ups the ante in the browser wars by embedding a switch plea in Mozilla browser's search results

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Apple secures Safari against FREAK attacks

Updates to iOS and OS X fix serious SSL/TLS encryption flaw; other browser makers have yet to fix their products

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Time for all Windows users to FREAK out over encryption bug

Microsoft confirms Windows vulnerable to FREAK attacks, and researchers say Internet Explorer users are also at risk

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Microsoft revises security warning for massive February IE rollup KB 3034682

Users who apply February's patches manually must hit Windows Update twice to be fully protected and prevent degraded page rendering

sun sets on Sun Microsystems

Mozilla follows in Sun's faltering footsteps

The trajectory of Mozilla, from the trail-blazing technologies to the travails of being left in the dust, parallels that of the now-defunct Unix systems giant

Android on Chromebook

Google will stop patching Chrome on Android 4.0 next month

Android devices running the 3-year-old Ice Cream Sandwich will stop getting Chrome updates in mid-April

Mozilla Firefox mug

Mozilla rolls out dev-only 64-bit Firefox for Windows

Long-delayed, fully 64-bit Windows version of Firefox emerges via Mozilla's special Developer Edition channel


Project Spartan leaked: Here's how Cortana will work in Microsoft's new browser

Leaked build of Microsoft's lightweight new browser showcases the Cortana virtual assistant

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