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Microsoft throws open doors to Sway beta

Large response to the new Web-based publishing tool led Microsoft to expand its test program

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25 years after Lotus Notes, IBM tries to reinvent email again

IBM's Verse borrows ideas from Google's Inbox, then adds Watson-powered querying to let users tame their email

Office 365 migration path

Microsoft unveils de-cluttering option for Office 365 mailboxes

Business users of Outlook get 'Clutter,' spam filter-like broom that sweeps aside unimportant messages

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JavaScript juices high-performance Web apps with SIMD.js API

Google, Mozilla, and Intel partner on SIMD.js API to boost games, video, audio apps for the Web

Google rethinks webmail with Inbox, raising questions about Gmail's future

The new app is built from the ground up to deal with email overload

Why Redis beats Memcached for caching

Redis is more powerful and more flexible and usually the right choice, but Memcached still has its place

Salesforce launches 'reimagined' customer-service, sales software

Service Clould1 shows Salesforce grappling with users' desire for mobile-first apps and multi-channel support

4 no-bull things Google for Work needs to do to win the enterprise

Here are four steps Google must take if Google for Work is going to edge out Microsoft Office and Exchange in the workplace

10 websites that make your life easier

There are thousands of apps and Web services out there. New ones are hitting the Internet as you read this. Here are 10 that can actually improve your life

Microsoft boosts anti-snooping protection in Outlook.com, OneDrive

The consumer webmail and cloud storage services will now be protected with new encryption

Apache or Nginx? Go with both

Choosing a Web server is not a zero-sum game, and many workloads favor a combination of the two leading names

Outlook Web App goes native on Android

Preview requires KitKat and an off-premises Exchange mailbox

Nginx passes Apache as Web server of choice among top sites

Biggest slice of the top 1,000 websites now uses Nginx over Apache's or Microsoft's Web servers, says W3Techs survey -- but Apache is still tops overall

Open source Hoodie is tailored for quick app dev

The platform for building Web and iOS apps can accommodate users with few development skills

Emergency update for Apache Struts fixes incomplete patch for critical flaw

The previous patch did not block an attack vector that could lead to remote code execution in certain environments

Front-end ops gaining prominence in Web development

Desire for faster websites -- and faster development -- is driving efforts to improve coding and application testing

Lavaboom builds encrypted webmail service to combat snooping

The Lavaboom service has started accepting registrations for its upcoming beta testing period

Dropbox diversifies beyond storage with photos, collaboration apps

Carousel is designed for organizing photos and Project Harmony seeks to improve co-editing of Office files; Dropbox for Business also becomes available

Open-Xchange adds spreadsheet program to its online app suite

OX Spreadsheet offers online collaboration and allows editing of Excel documents

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