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A look at the new Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015

Most of the action with Skype for Business Server 2015 happens behind the scenes, in the server-side plumbing

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The hidden potential of Google's Project Fi mobile service

Will Google deliver a solid, modern approach to telephony for a mobile, multipoint, commingled world?

As Wi-Fi calls come to smartphones, networks get ready to carry them

Software features from Ruckus Wireless are designed to help access points better handle voice calls

AT&T announces developer tool for WebRTC

Enhanced WebRTC beta has enhancements for adding caller ID, enabling more devices

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Microsoft launches wait list for Skype Translator preview

Real-time video chat translation will enter beta later this year; requires Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Dell's 'virtual smartphone': Too much, too late

Dell shows off clever ideas for enterprise mobile device management, but system may be too top-heavy and Dell-centric

12 tablet accessories that let you ditch your laptop

Android and iOS tablets have come a long way, and these gadgets help bridge the gap between notebook PC and tablet

Net neutrality ruling complicates U.S. transition to IP networks

The court's ruling raises questions about the FCC's authority to require VoIP providers to complete calls or carry all traffic

Phone foolery: Caught between a malcontent and a merger

After a company takeover, cold shoulders and closed ranks greet a techie trying to figure out the phone and Internet bills

Movirtu turns your tablet or laptop into a virtual smartphone

CloudPhone lets users keep their mobile phone numbers to receive and make calls over Wi-Fi networks

Microsoft kills Skype third-party tools for the desktop

Skype has confirmed it's shutting down all third-party access to its desktop API at the end of the year

Cisco beefs up enterprise collaboration tools

New products address areas like communications security, third-party participants, and IT management

Siemens Enterprise changes its name to Unify

The company will ship cloud-based unified communications with Project Ansible next year

Update: Skype being investigated over NSA spying links

Data protection authorities in Luxembourg, where Skype has its European headquarters, could hit the company with sanctions

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