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VMware cuts 800 jobs as it transitions from older 'blockbuster' compute products

Revenue was up 12 percent year-over-year, but the company says it is facing pressure in its core server virtualization business

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Google's new managed containers are brought to you by Red Hat

Having Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform is another step toward Google building an open source hybrid cloud

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Docker kicks off the unikernel revolution

Until now, unikernels were an experimental OS-plus-application technology. Docker wants to make them as easy to assemble and work with as the company's trademark containers

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What does an Oracle audit look like? This one certainly wasn't pretty

Oracle is at least as well-known for its aggressive licensing tactics as for its namesake database technology, and a recent dispute makes it clear that that reputation isn't entirely unfounded.

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Good news: Microsoft isn't phoning in Windows Server 2016

New features in the latest technical preview show Microsoft still heavily invested in on-premises servers

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6 signs containers will gain ground in 2016

There's little question containers will continue to reshape IT in the coming year; here are several insights into what might happen

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2015: The year containers upended IT

Few recent technologies have shaken up IT's possibilities as thoroughly as containers. Here are the major shifts over the past year

Data virtualization: The missing link in the devops tool chain

How copy data virtualization can help streamline development and testing, while also reducing storage costs

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Red Hat CloudForms 4 takes command of Azure and containers

Red Hat's hybrid cloud management solution adds Azure and container tech to an arsenal of supported technologies


First look: Run VMs in VMs with Hyper-V containers

Windows Server 2016’s Hyper-V containers are lighter weight than traditional VMs and more secure than traditional containers

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IncludeOS: Run cloud applications with less

With the new open source OS, developers write a cloud service in C++ that contains only the libraries needed to run that app

[SINGLE USE] Richard Borge illustration for Computerworld: 5 Disruptors to Keep on Your Radar

Forecast 2016: 5 disruptors to keep on your radar

Savvy tech execs can't afford to ignore these developments, which stand to remake the future of IT

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Amazon Dedicated Hosts: Bye-bye to noisy cloud neighbors

Amazon's EC2 Dedicated Hosts nominally introduces better usage tracking and software licensing for VMs, but it could also help solve the cloud's 'noisy neighbor' problem

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Windows Server 2016's latest beta brings first look at Microsoft's new containers

The release also comes with improvements to the networking stack and changes to Hyper-V


VMware extends container campaign with open source Photon Controller

Photon Controller is part of a larger mission to give VMware another toehold in the post-VM world

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Microsoft fixes Hyper-V bug in Windows

While it's not critical, this Hyper-V bug can cause denial-of-service issues in guest VMs

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Xen fixes highly critical virtual machine flaw

It's possibly the worst flaw ever found in the Xen hypervisor, researchers say

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The best new features in Windows Server 2016 (so far)

From Nano and Docker to software-defined networking and storage features, the next version of Windows Server is packed with great additions

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