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Debian community splits over systemd, but fork still unlikely

Unix admins threaten to fork Debian if systemd makes it into the next version of the Linux distribution

Choose your side on the Linux divide

The battle over systemd exposes a fundamental gap between the old Unix guard and a new guard of Linux developers and admins

HP expects first x86 Nonstop systems next year

Nonstop customers will get a path off of the Itanium chip, which Intel is winding down

Oracle Solaris update plays nice with OpenStack

Oracle is adding an OpenStack distribution to its latest Solaris release

With OpenPower, IBM tries to turn the tables on Intel

The company will license its new Power 8 chip to other companies to build hyperscale systems

The mixed fate of Sun's tech under Oracle

From Java to Sparc, critical Sun technologies have lived on, been cut loose, or lost their luster in the four years since the Oracle acquisition

As Unix fades away from data centers, what's going to replace it?

Linux is gaining ground today, but a cloud OS or some other new technology may become more important in time

IBM's losing ground with Unix -- and Oracle may follow

Sales of IBM's Unix servers are down almost 20 percent for Q3 compared to last year as market for proprietary Unix hardware shrinks

New OpenSuse embraces 64-bit ARM

Newly released OpenSuse 13.1 distribution comes with the latest version of OpenStack

'Free Unix!': The world-changing proclamation made 30 years ago today

On Sept. 27, 1983, a young Richard Stallman set the stage for both Linux and the open source software movement

Fujitsu will stick with Unix to keep IBM in check, exec says

If IBM gains another cash cow like its mainframe business it will become too powerful, a Fujitsu exec said at OpenWorld

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source admin tools

InfoWorld's top picks among all the handy open source tools that make life easier for sys admins

Why you should be using rsync

Rsync doesn't get the credit it deserves. Here's what you might be missing

Celebrating Unix heroes: 15 computing pioneers

A look at 15 early Unix pioneers and their contributions to the computer industry

In their own words: Unix pioneers remember the good times

We caught up with the pioneers who brought us the Unix operating system and asked them to share some memories of the early days of Unix development.

The last days of Unix

After a 30-year run in the enterprise, once-dominant server OS is getting 86ed by x86es

Oracle, IBM to unwrap new Unix server processors at conference

The companies will share details about the new Unix server processors at the Hot Chips conference in August

Why Sun's NIS will never die

Although 28 years old and insecure, Sun's old Network Information Service lives on in networks across the globe

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