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Dell adds Intel processor to new Wyse thin client

Dell wants to pack more power into its thin client used to access Web and server-based applications

IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment

The company is also looking ahead at a world in which computer chips don't have silicon

Dell's Cloud Connect thin client provides business Android on a stick

Wyse Cloud Connect thin client deploys Android for enterprise, but real competition is tablets and smartphones, not PC-on-a-stick rivals

Chrome OS's best new use case: The all-in-one PC

LG's Chromebase PC looks like a good fit for public computers as well as modest end-user machines

Debunked! 5 myths of thin client computing

A 'terminal' hooked to a server sounds so last century, but HP chief technologist Tom Flynn says today's thin clients offer an attractive alternative

Is the Ubuntu Edge a good fit for the enterprise?

Canonical's head of engineering makes business and tech cases as to why a CXO should consider spending $80,000 on 100 unproven Ubuntu-Android 'superphones'

Devon IT rolls out $89 plug-and-play zero client for the enterprise

Like Dell's forthcoming Project Ophelia, Devon IT's Ceptor memory-stick-sized device transforms monitors into virtual desktops

Intel sets up joint lab with China's Baidu for mobile apps

The chip maker will supply local developers with Intel-powered products for software testing

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