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Software development artist

Stop selling software development short

In the decade of the developer, enterprises need to revisit how they budget for and measure the value of software development

Friend or foe? Microsoft partners wary of Office 365 migration plans

Microsoft's self-interest may leave solutions providers in the lurch, but for now there's still a need for third-party help

Office tyrant: My way or the highway -- hey, come back!

Enough is enough for an IT contractor working under a tempestuous boss who terrorizes the employees

Our fault? Read the project audit and weep

A wise development team brings in the big guns against accusations of mismanagement on a troubled software project

Sleazy salesman meets his match in IT truth tellers

The boss's golden boy is a lying, bullying salesman who's done in by evidence of his impossible promises to customers

Mounting BITCOIN mystery -- Social gaming decline rocks DISNEY -- DRONES free to fly -- SPOTIFY's checkmate move -- Ex-NSA official's MEA CULPA


Man behind BITCOIN revealed -- APPLE pushes accounting innovation -- Nokia was BALLMER's Waterloo -- You own TOR's vast darknet mall


YAHOO cuts off Facebook, Google -- PC death spiral -- SNOWDEN plays SXSW -- 'GnuTLS' BUG hits open-source -- SV 'Comfort women' startup


MICROSOFT's C-suite shuffle -- FACEBOOK's drone-delivered Wi-Fi -- Chicago taxis ditch CREDIT CARDS -- DISH going Internet TV -- TWITTER's vintage log-cabin offices


APPLE throws CarPlay into drive -- Microsoft's CORTANA takes on Siri -- WINDOWS XP won't die -- COOK book, a mystery -- ANDROID steals Apple tablet crown


UK govt strikes OPTIC NERVE -- Knives out over EBAY -- NETFLIX-COMCAST: strange bedfellows -- HACK attack every 1.5 sec -- MINECRAFT movie


GOOGLE's Lego-like smartphone -- Apple abandons SNOW LEOPARD -- Security-first ANDROID 'Blackphone' -- PROPUBLICA debuts Data Store


NET NEUTRALITY debate rages -- BITCOIN is dead, long live bitcoin -- NSA partner RSA calls for reform -- Fastest CLOUD in the test -- ROLLS-ROYCE drone ships


Nokia, Mozilla surprise at MWC -- WHATSAPP finding its voice -- Netflix succumbs to COMCAST -- Industry giants push CLOUD FOUNDRY standard


WHATSAPP's secret sauce: content distribution -- Google TANGO's 3D micro maps -- NOKIA-Juniper tie-up? -- Auto-login to WI-FI hotspots


WHAT$APP signals bubble or broad undervaluation -- TESLA-APPLE tie-up? -- Google Magic Carpet (MAPS) -- SCHMIDT leaves HR 'paper trail'


VERIZON rains on Netflix party -- Amazon, Apple annoy MADISON AVE -- YAMMER's social-email convergence -- Time for TIZEN


Snooping on WIKILEAKS, Anonymous -- YAHOO gets into search -- BITCOIN ATMs in Seattle, Austin -- ICYMI: iOS tops Windows PC sales -- 22 TECH EXECS make $20M+


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