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A Hyperloop prototype is on its way to SpaceX

A Hyperloop prototype from Delft University is headed to SpaceX's headquarters in California in preparation for a real-life test in January.


Leading women in technology: LinkedIn's Erica Lockheimer

CIO senior writer Sharon Florentine, journeys to Grace Hopper 2016 to meet up with LinkedIn's senior director of engineering growth and head of its Women in Technology group, Erica Lockheimer, where they discuss LinkedIn's women in...


What drives you? Tesla can

Tesla is now producing all of its cars with full self-driving hardware.

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Cloud growth continues to be the name of the game for Microsoft

Microsoft's ongoing move to the cloud paid off once again over the past quarter, as strong growth from Azure and Office 365 offset declines in the PC market.

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At the mercy of AI: Your job, your health, your money

The focus on loss of privacy from Watson, Cortana, Google, Facebook, DeepMind, and Siri risks us missing an even greater threat


This disinfection robot zaps away bacteria with radiation

The robot, made by Blue Ocean Robotics, uses UV-C light to destroy the nucleic acids within bacteria and disrupt their DNA.


Gartner predicts 2.9 percent growth in IT spending in 2017

Spending on software and IT services should help the industry rebound from a lackluster 2016


Mingis on Tech: Guns get smart, Sony does VR

It's hardware day as our tech trio looks into smart guns, a new virtual reality setup from Sony and the nifty Lenovo Yoga Book. (Look ma! No keyboard!)

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Gartner’s predictions: A look at the top 10 tech trends

One revelation: Nearly 30 percent of servers are zombies

cloud computing

VMware on AWS: A one-way ticket to the cloud

VMware private clouds will gain elasticity from the Amazon-VMware offering, but customers may eventually wonder why they need a private cloud at all

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HP to cut up to 4,000 jobs in next three years

The company said the cuts are part of a restructuring plan to boost savings

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You call that a fine? No wonder Comcast abuses you

This week, the company received ‘the biggest cable fine ever’ for overcharging customers, but that’s not saying much


These pedestrian robots could deliver your next package

Starship Technologies wants to make "last-mile" deliveries fast, easy, and convenient with its six-wheeled delivery robots.

michael dell ceo dell technologies

Michael Dell tells IT leaders all they need to know about the new Dell Technologies

After largest-ever tech merger, CEO talks product integration, strategy, the battle v. HPE – and why protectionism is a really bad idea for the tech industry

US salaries

US IT and engineering salaries rise nearly 4 percent in 2015

It was the second-highest annual increase since 2010, according to an IEEE-USA survey

samsung galaxy note 7 fire battery explode

Note 7 doomsayers sell Samsung short

Everyone has an opinion on Samsung's next move after the Note 7's battery problems, but the path is not clear-cut


PAL-V opens the first flying car school in North America

Pal-V is opening the first flying car school in North America to help prospective clients obtain a pilot's license before the company distributes the first commercial flying car in 2018.

Missed target.

IT job creation headed lower for second straight year

Weak IT hiring over the last couple of months confirms that 2016 will see a significant slump. The big question remains why

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