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ARIN CEO John Curran
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Crossing fingers

AT&T-DirecTV merger reveals new promises to be broken

The FCC is set to approve the AT&T-DirectTV merger with conditions, despite AT&T's history of broken promises

Oracle tries to beef up copyright case against Android

Google's mobile OS has come to 'permeate the fabric of our society,' Oracle says

Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

The mobile technology company reported declines in revenue and profit

AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV appears headed for approval with conditions

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has circulated his recommendation for approval of the deal

Office 365 migration path

The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber

Three million more consumers take to 'rent-not-buy' Office, but per-subscriber revenue falls under $50 for the first time

Apple misses iPhone estimates, but sales and profits excel

The company sold fewer phones than expected but still made more money than predicted

Microsoft reports first quarterly loss since 2012 after Nokia write-down

Microsoft's quarterly revenue declined more than 5 percent year over year to $22.2 billion

Facebook, Amazon, Apple pick up spending on lobbying

But Google still outstrips other key tech companies, spending $4.62 million on lobbying in the second quarter

IBM's Q2 sales slide 13 percent on sale of low-end server unit

Hardware revenue slumped 32 percent but was helped by an increase in mainframe sales

Google reports strong earnings, propelling its stock

Growth in the company's revenue, however, has slowed in recent years

Apple logo, patched up

Some enterprise users feel neglected by Apple

If Apple wants to wins hearts and minds of enterprise customers, it can start by showing interest in them

Reddit's new CEO tries to clean up the 'dark side' of the site

The online discussion website is struggling to curb offensive content and even cyberbullying

usoutsourcing ts

Microsoft, Rubio, Sessions and the H-1B ground war

Microsoft is laying off workers, Sen. Marco Rubio is running for president, Sen. Jeff Sessions sees a surplus of unemployed IT workers -- and all are talking about the H-1B visa program

glacier bridge

11 essential hacks for a better (tech) life

Whether you want to lower your cellphone bill or find true love, there's usually a way around your problems

T-Mobile CEO John  Legere

T-Mobile looks to unseat Sprint as third-largest U.S. carrier

CEO John Legere says T-Mobile added 2.1 million customers in the second quarter

Software update caused NYSE suspension

An incompatibilty between new software and customers' systems was the cause for the outage

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How many unicorns before the tech bubble bursts?

Signs point to an overvaluation of tech unicorns, but this is not the same as the '90s dot-com bubble

clouds money dollar signs

The era of ever-cheaper cloud services is over

Microsoft and IBM are raising prices, which enterprises can easily absorb

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