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A California backlash rises over foreign IT worker replacements

State lawmakers want to use regulatory power to keep utilities from offshoring jobs and ask feds for broader investigation

Cisco plans to buy security-as-a-service provider OpenDNS

OpenDNS provides Web filtering and malware protection services to 65 million users

Inside the bold plan to bring gigabit fiber to Detroit

One startup is bringing a Google Fiber-like broadband offering to Detroit. Here's why that might not be as crazy as it sounds

Satya Nadella's new mission for Microsoft: help people 'achieve more'

In an email to employees, Microsoft CEO says he sees 'tough choices' ahead for the company as it enters a new fiscal year

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The Internet of things is already losing steam

A new survey shows people aren't buying and have very little interest in Silicon Valley's latest 'next big thing'

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Is your company culture driving away women tech workers?

Somewhere around the mid-career point, the number of women in IT plummets. Why? It's the culture, stupid

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Revenge of the nerds: Microsoft reorg bodes well for the techies

Terry Myerson gets the promotion that eluded Steve Sinofsky, and Scott Guthrie's move up starts the Salesforce rumors swirling again

Oracle profit slides 24 percent as customers move to the cloud

The company reported its first overall sales decline in more than two years

Money bags, full of cash.

Something for nothing: Apple and Amazon's new economy

All for us, none for you -- that seems to be the basis behind Apple and Amazon's latest moneymaking plans

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Microsoft reorg solidifies role of Surface, HoloLens, and other devices to sell Windows

By uniting its Windows and Devices group under Terry Myerson, Microsoft wants to "drive Windows as a service across devices of all types," per CEO Satya Nadella.

Can GitHub really be worth $2 billion?

The Git repository hosting service is reportedly seeking $200 million in its next round of funding


If someone buys Docker, it won't be Microsoft

There are far more likely candidates than Microsoft, should Docker be interested in a deal

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo steps down

Co-founder Jack Dorsey will take over chief executive duties in the interim as the social network seeks a new leader

Microsoft acquires BlueStripe for operations management

BlueStripe will provide Microsoft System Manager with more nuanced performance metrics for distributed applications

Apple's Tim Cook breaks into top 10 CEO list

Honeymoon is over for Microsoft's Satya Nadella, who doesn't make the first 50 in annual Glassdoor rankings

Apple WWDC 2015 Tim Cook

The true Apple revolution: Selling products, not customer data

Read between the lines for the biggest takeaway from WWDC: Apple's stance on data mining


Breach costs: 'Chump change' to bottom lines of big players

The direct costs of a data breach barely affect the bottom line of the nation’s biggest enterprises, but for smaller players the damage can be catastrophic

usoutsourcing ts

Midsize U.S. cities offer attractive alternative to offshoring IT

Syracuse, Jacksonville, Tampa and Lansing top the list of American hot spots for IT and business process services

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