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Microsoft wants to make PowerPoint more Web-friendly, buys LiveLoop

The software giant continues to buy companies to strengthen its Office apps and services

Apple database acquisition could help improve performance of its services

FoundationDB's NoSQL technology lets the company grow its services and still keep users happy

Steve Jobs in 2010

'Becoming Steve Jobs' is not the bio Jobs wanted

The apologia for the Apple co-founder is heartfelt, but also a distortion of his reality

careers 42

Top enterprise IT companies where people want to work

Startup Poachable shares insights based on passive job-seeker interests

Amazon gets FAA approval for drone delivery tests

The company threatened to take research overseas if it didn't get a license

HTC replaces CEO with company founder

Ex-CEO Peter Chou will lead an HTC development lab as founder Cher Wang takes over

Uber sued for false advertising by California taxi companies

The taxi companies claim some of their potential customers choose Uber because of its allegedly false claims

Yahoo exits China, closing R&D center

The company reportedly is laying off between 200 and 300 workers

Inspecting a tablet magnifying glass businessman

What's behind the stall in PC and tablet sales

Windows 8 may help explain the PC's poor uptake, but you can't blame it for the iPad's fall

Cisco, HP, and IBM find hidden fortune in the cloud

While public cloud providers seem to dominate the market at the expense of traditional vendors, the truth is not so simple

train crash derail

The U.S.-China game of cyber chicken could derail Silicon Valley

If China and America don’t end their crazy spying-tinged trade war, billions of dollars in technology sales will evaporate

Apple to raise drivers' wages, after demands to share its wealth

Drivers, security guards, and other workers in Silicon Valley have been have been asking for better pay and working conditions

SAP to cut 2,200 jobs, hopes to recreate them around cloud services, HANA

The restructuring will affect about 3 percent of SAP's employees, but there will be no impact on customers, SAP said

sun sets on Sun Microsystems

Mozilla follows in Sun's faltering footsteps

The trajectory of Mozilla, from the trail-blazing technologies to the travails of being left in the dust, parallels that of the now-defunct Unix systems giant

Bill Gates Steve Ballmer

Bill Gates is the world's richest man, yet again

Forbes ranks Gates the world's richest man for 2015, and the list now also includes execs from Uber and Snapchat

Google, Apple $415M deal with tech workers heads for approval

Judge Koh had rejected an earlier $324.5 million settlement as too low for conspiring to prevent poaching of each other's employees

Mobile wallet space heats up as PayPal buys Paydiant

Paydiant technology is behind the mobile payment apps used by Subway and Capital One

Docker Inc., leave Docker tools alone

The creator of the portable app container is now competing with third-party tools and could hold back the market

HP buys Aruba to bolster its wireless networking business

The $2.7 billion deal will allow HP to take advantage of businesses with increasingly mobile employees

mobile payment (NFC)

Samsung Pay faces uphill climb against Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Samsung Pay's key potential advantage won't exist for much longer, as the United States moves to a new payment terminal standard

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