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wifi stumbler analyzers under 100 1

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Eclipse seeks donations for open source development

Funding for development work on the Eclipse IDE and other projects will come from individuals and corporate users


TSMC wins case in trade secret battle with Samsung

TSMC wins its lawsuit against a former employee who allegedly gave trade secrets to Samsung

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Top 25 computer science colleges, ranked by alumni earnings

Payscale uses alumni post-grad pay to rank 187 colleges and universities with computer science programs

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

Server growth remains healthy in Q2, despite fall in midrange systems

Demand for higher-end and low-end servers helped drive growth as server shipments increased 3.2 percent from a year ago

Tim Cook, Apple iPhone 5S Event

Tim Cook to Apple investors: Relax

Today's stock market turmoil prompted Apple's CEO to reassure the company's believers

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Dell creates new server division for 'second-tier' hyperscale customers

The new DSS group will target areas like Web service delivery, oil and gas, and research

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman

After three-day shutdown, HP now effectively two companies

HP is nearing 'the last of the restructuring mohicans,' said CEO Meg Whitman

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Upgrading an old PC to Windows 10? You're on your own

Microsoft's free upgrade strategy places the burden of support on PC makers -- and for 'unsupported' systems, they're punting to you

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Windows 10 will push you to pay more for Office

Microsoft's hybrid-cloud model for apps will lead to higher prices in return for greater flexibility

Oracle: Google has 'destroyed' the market for Java

In a new court filing, Oracle has broadened the scope of its complaint to reflect Android's ongoing success

HTC to cut work force by 15 percent, amid struggling smartphone sales

HTC is forming new business groups to focus on virtual reality and connected lifestyle products

Lenovo's Motorola business to produce phones at quicker pace, less cost

Along with streamlining production, Lenovo announced it would cut 3,200 jobs in its businesses

satya nadella

Yes he can! Nadella turns around Microsoft -- for real

Microsoft’s CEO has put the twin disasters of Windows 8 and the Nokia acquisition to rest and is overcoming the failures of the Ballmer era

Twitter sees surge in government requests for account information

Twitter has expanded its latest Transparency Report to include information on trademark notices and email providers' privacy practices

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Cloud wars: China's deep-pocketed Alibaba takes on AWS

A $1 billion investment in the cloud sounds like a game-changer, but it's not

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Usual suspects crowd Forbes' list of richest people in tech

The most lucrative names in tech in 2015 are largely unchanged from 2014, with only one woman or non-American male in the top 10


Even VCs are balking at Silicon Valley's cost of living

A recent report on the state of venture capitalist confidence shows growing worries about the cost of living in the Bay Area

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Ballmer's Nokia blunder cost Microsoft $10 billion

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's decision to buy the Nokia phone business ultimately cost Microsoft $10 billion in its 2015 fiscal year

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