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IT's cloudy future

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IT budgets to jump 2%, but still not enough, says Gartner

Budgets of IT departments have been flat to negative for the last five years despite the ever-increasing importance of technology for creating new products

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Agreement reached on TPP trade deal may affect some digital rights

The TPP will reach into the tech industry, especially IP protection and copyright

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Magical thinking stalks the tech industry

Impossibly high expectations are back in style, sending the startup scene into La La Land. When the magic fades we'll all be better off

H1-B Visa Abuse

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination

Charges of discrimination by national origin challenge the ways H-1B visas are being used

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IBM carbon nanotube breakthrough could bring faster, smaller chips

IBM researchers have learned how to connect carbon nanotubes with transistors without letting the size of the connection adversely affect its electrical properties

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The FTC is wrong about antitrust fears over Android

Microsoft can't develop a successful mobile operating system, so it's making a crybaby case against Google

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Microsoft board shrinks Nadella's 2016 stock award

CEO gets $7.9M in shares as part of year's pay package, or 60 percent of target set when he was hired

satya nadella

Microsoft reshuffles into 3 businesses for financial reporting

The reorg will make it easier to mask hardware's hard road to profit, says analyst

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Progress Software CEO: We're honored to serve dev community

In an exclusive interview, CEO Philip Pead vows to help Progress' community of 1.7 million developers meet the challenges of a cloud and mobile world

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Tech companies claim Congressional letter did not endorse CISA

BSA said its letter to Congress urged action on cyber security legislation without endorsing a particular bill


Only a moon shot can fix government IT

Instead of lurching from crisis to crisis, it’s time to euthanize our geriatric federal IT and start over

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OpenStack continues to come up short

Red Hat has become the leading vendor of OpenStack, but the company -- and others -- freely acknowledge serious issues related to complexity, scalability, and availability

ignobel prize 2015

The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize winners

Behold the 'winners' of this year’s weirdest prize in science

GOP candidates at debate no. 2

A bad debate for tech

In the area of science, tech, and high-skilled immigration, the latest GOP debate was hurt by awful questions

Slideshow: The Future of Programming

More automation, fewer jobs ahead

Internet of things in 2025: Report predicts the good and bad in the decade ahead

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HP to cut up to 30,000 jobs, mostly in services

On the verge of splitting into two companies, HP restructures once again

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Expect a lull in cool tech from Microsoft, Apple, and the rest

From PCs to mobile to cloud, the technology industry has slowed down, so developers can digest all the new stuff we have


Your guide to top tech conferences

This searchable directory of technology conferences makes it easy to find events coming to a convention center near you

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