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turkey balloon float macys thanksgiving day parade

microsoft campus building

Microsoft blames layoffs for drop in gender diversity

The company also reported a slight increase in racial diversity among its uppermost management

party concert revel streamers celebrate

The IT job party can't stop, won't stop for certain skills

Hiring and salaries will likely soar even higher in 2016, but less so for blacks and women -- and consultants may struggle

Republican candidates on debate stage

Extreme tech positions of the presidential candidates

How candidates see the government's role in science and tech and some tech implications of the 2016 contest

citrix logo black

Citrix spinning off GoTo collaboration business, laying off 1,000 people

The company will focus on the secure delivery of apps and data

isis portal on the darknet

After Paris, ISIS moves propaganda machine to Darknet

Less than a day after the horrific attacks in Paris, ISIS has taken the Al-Hayat propaganda machine to the Darknet and published a new video celebrating the Paris attacks

visa rubber stamp

The fix is in: Proof that H-1B visa abuse is rampant

Outsourcers in particular have found a way to avoid the requirement to pay foreign workers the same wages as Americans

hamilton ontario canada

Think your IT project is a nightmare? Check these out and you'll feel better

Pro tip: You know there's a problem when all your users show up for work wearing red

H1-B Visa Abuse

Sens. Grassley, Durbin launch new H-1B fight

Their proposed bill 'explicitly prohibits the replacement of American workers by H-1B or L-1 visa holders'

ted cruz outsourcing

Sen. Ted Cruz changes his tone on H-1Bs

GOP presidential candidates may be downshifting on unabashed support for the visa program

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

EMC, hospital to pay $90,000 over stolen laptop with medical data

The theft of the unencrypted laptop from an EMC employee goes back to 2012

20151027 oracle logo on yacht

Oracle insider: We're not walking the cloud talk

An unsolicited source inside Oracle blasts the company's cloudwashing -- and Oracle's habit of announcing cloud solutions way before their time


14 strange but true tech facts you (probably) don't know

The tech industry is full of surprises and trivia, from unlikely Wi-Fi beginnings to why the entire Norwegian Internet was once unplugged

soap bubble burst

Bubble or bust? Only the unicorns know

Worried about high valuations and the explosion in late-stage VC funding? Don't be: We're actually in the middle of a tech bust

workplace bullying in the workplace

Get Windows 10? Microsoft's push comes to shove

We all learned in kindergarten that bullying and breaking promises is wrong -- so cut it out, Microsoft

money smartphone cash mobile dollars

With the iPhone, Apple schools the market in economics

A high-priced product dominates a market full of cheaper options -- Apple's advantage is that it solved the Innovator's Dilemma

acquisition definition

Security acquisitions reach a fever pitch

Consolidation in IT security ran rampant in October, with more acquisitions on the way to feed the demand for integrated solutions

sinking ship

In the cloud, beware the sinking ships

Most traditional enterprise providers keep getting the cloud wrong, so beware jumping onto their sinking cloud ships

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise logo theme

All the bumps in the road to HP's split

HP's split into two companies follows more than a decade of scandals and missteps

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