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SAP to cut 2,200 jobs, hopes to recreate them around cloud services, HANA

The restructuring will affect about 3 percent of SAP's employees, but there will be no impact on customers, SAP said

sun sets on Sun Microsystems

Bill Gates Steve Ballmer

Bill Gates is the world's richest man, yet again

Forbes ranks Gates the world's richest man for 2015, and the list now also includes execs from Uber and Snapchat

Google, Apple $415M deal with tech workers heads for approval

Judge Koh had rejected an earlier $324.5 million settlement as too low for conspiring to prevent poaching of each other's employees

Mobile wallet space heats up as PayPal buys Paydiant

Paydiant technology is behind the mobile payment apps used by Subway and Capital One

Docker Inc., leave Docker tools alone

The creator of the portable app container is now competing with third-party tools and could hold back the market

HP buys Aruba to bolster its wireless networking business

The $2.7 billion deal will allow HP to take advantage of businesses with increasingly mobile employees

mobile payment (NFC)

Samsung Pay faces uphill climb against Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Samsung Pay's key potential advantage won't exist for much longer, as the United States moves to a new payment terminal standard

IBM to pump $4 billion into cloud, mobile, and analytics

By 2018 IBM expects to reap a combined $40 billion in annual revenue from its investments

Ericsson seeks to block sales of Apple products in US, stepping up patent dispute

In a barrage of nine lawsuits, Ericsson alleges Apple's iPhone and iPad infringe a total of 41 of its patents

Apple supplier expects robots to take over most factory work

Foxconn expects 70 percent of assembly line work will be done by robots and automation in three years

copresence ios android

Survey: iPhone 6 powers an increase in enterprise adoption of iOS

Android activations among Good Technology's mobile management customers fell after Apple's new iPhone debuted

HP gives bleak forecast as corporate split nears

HP's split into two companies seems to be on track, but the strengthening dollar has forced it to lower its outlook for the year

Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish snafu

A class-action lawsuit charged Lenovo and Superfish of fraudulent business practices, making PCs vulnerable

geek clock

Why time and budget are stupid measurements of project success

The success of software projects is traditionally measured by the ability of the team to meet a pre-determined budget and timeline. But these measurements only indirectly measure the software's true value to the business.


Why approve the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger? Science!

How dare California tie Comcast merger approval to rural broadband coverage! Lucky for the ISPs, researchers may have cleared the last hurdle

The rise (and rise) of Slack, Silicon Valley's hottest startup

IRC-for-enterprise startup Slack has released its first-year growth stats, and things are looking good

Thoughtful businessman

The dangerous delusions of the BlackBerry fan

These five excuses for BlackBerry's failure only make it harder for the struggling platform to reverse its bad course

It's make-or-break time for IBM's cloud

Whether rumored massive layoffs take place, IBM is in serious trouble when it comes to the cloud

crowd of business executives disapprove thumbs down

Apple's chorus of critics: How wrong can they be?

The Apple-is-doomed crowd's arguments are sound, but they're also simply not true

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