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Help desk? You need an analyst’s couch

When dealing with surly users, step lightly, keep your head, and let your expertise lead the way

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Presto! Practical magic at the help desk

When a user's new PC is missing a vital workflow piece that seems lost forever, a stroke of good luck saves the day


Hopeless at the help desk: A tale of two users

Sometimes working in tech support feels like 'Groundhog Day' -- minus the incremental progress

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Cisco goes deep into network security with Lancope acquisition

Cisco forks over $452.5 million for security company Lancope to gain greater insight into events on the network

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Did you hear about the dead mouse? Hilarity at the help desk

Tech support's prime directive: Solve the problem at hand -- and save your laughter for later if you can possibly help it

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Dumb user errors? Must be Monday at the help desk

Everyone has bad days, but the start of the week seems to bring out no-brainer help requests around the office

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Enterprises can't solve tech support for the cloud

The only really effective approach costs more than you'll want to pay, but for now there's no better choice

Tech Support

The smart user's guide to getting better tech support

As a user, you can do four things to get issues resolved faster and more completely

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Do you work here? Ex-exec taxes tech support

No one knows why the retired exec continues to hang around the office, but they know to expect extra tech support questions from him

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NodeSource takes on Joyent in enterprise Node support

A key member of an enterprise Node coalition, NodeSource banks on its expertise with Node in business to sell its multitiered support services

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Windows Server 2003 will live on -- here's how and why

Some businesses will still run Windows Server 2003 after support ends on July 14; see how they plan to keep things rolling

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Spills and misunderstandings: The mystery of the help desk ticket

Troubleshooting user problems is always an adventure, and tech pros never know what they're going to get

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Training and bug reporting should be part of every app

We all live with the disconnect between user frustration and developers' attempts to fix problems. In an ideal world, the ability to bridge that gap would be part of the build

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Mean, rude, and angry: Tales of the toxic office

Beware of the nasty, mean-spirited, or competitive person in the next cubicle who can muck up a tech pro’s job

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Moms in tech: Tales and tips from the IT trenches

Mothers who work in technology share their best stories of work + children collisions -- and their go-to gadgets and apps for balancing the two

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Locked out of the server room -- and the key quest begins

The server room door won't open, and the team scrambles to find a way in

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Pompous professor swallows placebo PC

A tech pro's people skills are put to the test by a professor who demands more computing power than he knows how to handle

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What happened to customer service? Try Twitter

Where websites fall prey to the process-heavy constraints of yore, social media breaks through with a direct line to customers who need information now

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