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Help desk confounded by helplessness

Two tales from the help desk prove that you can't fix clueless

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Check your work! 2 tales of tech cluelessness

It's become a common occurrence: Missed details that point to a lack of foresight and quality control by IT

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The end of Microsoft product support (and we feel fine)

The nostalgia for periodic big upgrades every five to 10 years is seriously misplaced, and it's not good for users or IT

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Alarm bells ring while the boss turns a deaf ear

What’s that noise? It's not the alarm -- it's the sound of money being flushed down the drain, thanks to a questionable security plan

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User stores files where Windows refuses to go

Quick tip from the help desk: Name your files wisely ... if you ever want to see them again

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Oracle lobs copyright lawsuit at HPE

The database giant says HPE was involved in an illegal scheme to sell Solaris support services to Oracle customers


Who you gonna call? Mousebusters!

Ghost in the machine? Everyone seems to think so when the wireless mice don't work as expected

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Gigabits matter: Techies must spread tech literacy

Even successful, well-educated people can be taken in by fantastical stats and numbers. That's where our techie knowledge comes in

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For IT admins, remote doesn’t have to mean less control

You can end up working with one hand tied behind your back when you rely solely on the tools that come with your tech ecosystem

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Keyboard spill stymies spreadsheet slob

A user's slovenly ways make basic tech support harder than it has to be

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Help desk? You need an analyst’s couch

When dealing with surly users, step lightly, keep your head, and let your expertise lead the way

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Presto! Practical magic at the help desk

When a user's new PC is missing a vital workflow piece that seems lost forever, a stroke of good luck saves the day


Hopeless at the help desk: A tale of two users

Sometimes working in tech support feels like 'Groundhog Day' -- minus the incremental progress

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Cisco goes deep into network security with Lancope acquisition

Cisco forks over $452.5 million for security company Lancope to gain greater insight into events on the network

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Did you hear about the dead mouse? Hilarity at the help desk

Tech support's prime directive: Solve the problem at hand -- and save your laughter for later if you can possibly help it

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Dumb user errors? Must be Monday at the help desk

Everyone has bad days, but the start of the week seems to bring out no-brainer help requests around the office

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Enterprises can't solve tech support for the cloud

The only really effective approach costs more than you'll want to pay, but for now there's no better choice

Tech Support

The smart user's guide to getting better tech support

As a user, you can do four things to get issues resolved faster and more completely

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