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Computer problems 178274994

Cool-headed techie defuses hot-tempered users

The first rule of help desk: Chill out when the heated support calls come in. The solutions will roll in soon after

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Just say no to a bad job -- the fun way

Honesty is the best policy when you're interviewing for a job that you already know is not the right fit

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7 hardware horror stories from the help desk

Used, abused, and kinda rude -- unfortunately, that's what IT has come to expect of workers and company-issued hardware

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Lax security? Now you're stuck, sucker

Sometimes a security lesson has to hit them where it hurts before the user learns

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Motivated and efficient? You don’t belong here

Congrats, you've landed a new job! Too bad poor management and low initiative are the company norm

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A tale of two bosses: A stud gives way to a dud

Are you a leader or a manager? At one IT department, the difference couldn't be clearer with a change in execs

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Even a disaster can’t save this IT department

Budget cutbacks, overworked employees, and out-of-date systems lead to a middle-of-the-night emergency -- but little response from management

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Tech support or babysitting? It can be hard to tell

Fix my password, hook up my computer, and hold my hand -- it's all in a day's work for tech support

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Network duty calls -- every 15 minutes

Tick tock, there goes the network! A techie tries to get to the bottom of an internet outage that runs like clockwork

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Advice from IT: Next time, learn how to use a computer

When a core team member bows out, a crucial process hits an insurmountable obstacle -- until IT swoops in

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Caught between security and stupidity

A simple call to tech support first uncovers an alarming problem, then leads to another festering issue at a client company

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Outdated and ill advised: How not to do email security

You've probably heard of security by obscurity, but one company's email policy takes it to the extreme

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Too many cooks whip up a networking mess

Cheap bosses and bad decisions add up to a networking disaster, and one tech pro has to undo the damage

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A little help here! Execs ignore overworked tech team

When a crucial department at a growing company is starved of resources, employee stress and sickness mount


Enough! Project scope creeps past the boiling point

Take a client who asks for more and more, subtract professional boundaries, and you get a stressful project for a young techie

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Spelling counts: The case of the stuffed server

A tech pro jumps in to stop the madness when a company's mail servers come to a screeching halt

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Who needs management? Oops, we do

The company's ancient tech isn't the only overlooked aspect of a troubled business. The employees aren't so well tended either

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Customer service: The next challenge for cloud providers

Customer service is still a new concept for many cloud providers, but you can make sure you get what you need by communicating clearly

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