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Microsoft SQL Server 2005
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SQL Server 2016 gets an R (language) rating

SQL Server's next on-prem version will have built-in support for analytics written in the R language, via Microsoft's acquisition and its own implementations

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Azure SQL wraps databases in new encryption protections

Row-level security and column masking features in Azure SQL are meant to go beyond protecting data at rest


Binding data to UI considered harmful

Complications of binding data to UI

N1QL brings SQL to NoSQL databases

A next-generation query language for document databases extends SQL to work with semi-structured data

Build real-time Web apps with RethinkDB

The RethinkDB JSON database simplifies the development of applications that rely on real-time updates

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Micromanaging computation considered harmful

SQL isn't just a database language; it's also management by objective


Visual ETL considered harmful (to your skills)

Why hasn't the ETL process evolved with the times?

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7 essential SQL Server security tips

How to protect your database from SQL injection, data theft, rogue users, and well-meaning meddlers without tying your environment in knots

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SQL illiteracy considered harmful (to your career)

SQL is more than just a database language

SAP gives SQL Anywhere a fresh IoT injection

Version 17 can tailor its performance to a wide variety of IoT platforms

Securing SQL Server

SQL Server remote access setup guide

In this free PDF download, you'll get step-by-step instructions for setting up VPN access to SQL Server. Plus, get a 25% discount code to purchase the 3rd edition of Securing SQL Server: Protecting Your Database from Attackers.

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LinkedIn fills another SQL-on-Hadoop niche

LinkedIn's open source, home-brew OLAP project is a new way for Hadoop users (and others) to query both real-time and historical data

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First look: Couchbase’s new SQL for NoSQL

Couchbase Server 4.0 addresses NoSQL’s biggest pain point with SQL-like query language for its document datastore

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Why your next database will be open source

Watch out, Oracle. Developers are moving past proprietary databases to open source upstarts -- often under the radar of IT management

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Microsoft entices cloud-wary with SQL Server, StorSimple upgrades to Azure

Updates to Microsoft's SQL Server and StorSimple appliance software draw customers toward using Azure as a bridge to the cloud

SQL Server 2014

Leverage the in-memory capabilities of SQL Server 2014 for better performance

Leverage the power of the new in-memory OLTP engine included in SQL Server 2014 for faster performance and lower query latency

The rise of the multimodel database

By mapping documents, graphs, and relational tables to a collection of keys and values, a single data store can support multiple data models

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Splice Machine 1.0 offers speedy, scalable SQL on Hadoop

Splice Machine update offers cross-integration with Hadoop apps and supports migration paths from other databases

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