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Video streaming

On-demand streaming is up, so ISPs must drag it down

The future of television is streamed content, but we must overcome massive industry inertia first

Coax cable cord

Congress to cable customers: Stop your whining

A new bill would strip the FCC of authority to investigate complaints about broadband providers and effectively gut Net neutrality


The truth about T-Mobile, Net neutrality, and video throttling

T-Mobile's Binge On program promises exclusions from data caps for select video streaming, but at what cost to the open Internet?

Binary record player grooves

2015: The year tech found its groove and its soul

Better tech pay, more philanthropy, a big win for Net neutrality -- here's a taste of what was worth toasting this past year in tech

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Triumphs and tumbles: The Internet in 2015

The Internet survived cable monopolies, massive data breaches, and crypto dunderheads in 2015, but the battle is far from over

Campout at the FCC

Net neutrality could be on the line in Washington court battle

Oral arguments begin in 10 lawsuits that challenge the FCC's new Net neutrality rules

Interior of the European Parliament,  Strasbourg

EU vote for 'neutral' Net plan draws sharp criticism

The European Parliament has approved vague rules for Net neutrality, sweetening the text with a ban on mobile phone roaming surcharges

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

Where the candidates stand on Net neutrality

The 2016 presidential election will surely determine the fate of the FCC's new regulations. What do the candidates have to say about the issue?

Internet cafe in China

Do we really need the Internet?

One FCC commissioner appears to think that we don't, but perhaps he doesn't understand the question

FCC's Wheeler defends Net neutrality rules, discounts investment fears

Several broadband providers have announced expansions since the FCC passed the regulations, Wheeler says


ISPs do throttle traffic -- and the FCC can't stop it

Fast lanes exist, neutrality doesn't, and this is all perfectly legal under the FCC's new rules

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Net neutrality will prove as evil as the VCR

Everything old is new again, and the same tired threats will prove to be false once more


Fearing Net neutrality rules, Sprint stops throttling heavy data users

Sprint's old throttling policy, originally intended to fight network congestion, disappears without any significant impact expected

4 things to watch for with Net neutrality rules in effect

With the rules now enforced, watch for possible complaints about Net neutrality violations

net neutrality

Sneak attack! Congress' plan to kill Net neutrality

Buried in a must-pass House appropriations bill are riders that would prohibit the FCC from enforcing rules protecting an open Internet

Appeals court denies requests to delay Net neutrality rules

The FCC's Net neutrality rules go into effect Friday, as scheduled

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Code injection: A new low for ISPs

Beyond underhanded, Comcast and other carriers are inserting their own ads and notifications into their customers’ data streams

Law firm challenges Net neutrality rules, saying they're too weak

The FCC failed to enforce several telecom regulations, including last-mile network sharing, the petition says

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