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Campout at the FCC

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How Trump will attack the FCC's net neutrality rules

Repealing the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's less than 2-year-old net neutrality rules appears to be a top tech priority for President-elect Donald Trump, but it may not be an easy road.

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Say good-bye to net neutrality

The Open Internet now rests in the hands of a GOP that has been openly hostile to net neutrality rules

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President Trump: An uncertain future for tech industry, digital rights

The new president's tech policy agenda is thin, and what little there is makes IT nervous

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EU outlines stiff new net neutrality rules

Meanwhile, a court battle over net neutrality is ongoing in the United States

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Pay more, get less: T-Mobile, Sprint undercut net neutrality

Customers are up in arms, and the FCC must finally draw the lines with open internet regulations

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FCC won't back down on broadband users' privacy

Broadband providers argue they have consumers' interests at heart as they continue their fight against regulation as common carriers

Net Neutrality

ISP groups appeal net neutrality court defeat

Broadband providers want a court of appeals to rehear their challenge to net neutrality after a three-judge panel upheld the rules in June

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Trump: At odds with both tech industry and GOP platform

Technology provisions in the GOP platform extend an olive branch to an industry stung by Trump's antagonism

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Sorry, ISPs: The FCC finally has the dopes on the ropes

Despite this week's appeals court ruling, the cable industry fights on against an open internet, proposals to regulate set-top boxes, and privacy protections

Stephen Colbert takes net neutrality for a whirl

If you're going to learn about net neutrality, you may as well do so on a roller coaster

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They're at it again: Senate panel votes to weaken net neutrality rules

It's the issue that won't die: A Senate committee has voted to weaken the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules

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Beware zero ratings, the new threat to Net neutrality

'Zero ratings' let users stream some sites without incurring bandwidth charges, but not others. So what happened to Net neutrality?

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ISPs are breaking Net neutrality rules, advocacy groups say

So-called zero-rating plans allow ISPs to pick 'winners and losers' in violation of rules, and 'present a serious threat' to the open Internet

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On-demand streaming is up, so ISPs must drag it down

The future of television is streamed content, but we must overcome massive industry inertia first

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Congress to cable customers: Stop your whining

A new bill would strip the FCC of authority to investigate complaints about broadband providers and effectively gut Net neutrality


The truth about T-Mobile, Net neutrality, and video throttling

T-Mobile's Binge On program promises exclusions from data caps for select video streaming, but at what cost to the open Internet?

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2015: The year tech found its groove and its soul

Better tech pay, more philanthropy, a big win for Net neutrality -- here's a taste of what was worth toasting this past year in tech

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Triumphs and tumbles: The Internet in 2015

The Internet survived cable monopolies, massive data breaches, and crypto dunderheads in 2015, but the battle is far from over

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